5 thoughts on “1-16-18”

  1. Very much dislike having to access this information on my compurt snd not my Iphone. I’m out of my home a good part of the time snd enjoyed sccess on my phone.

    1. Vicky – If you are viewing the attachment page it will show up very small as a preview of the document. This isn’t readable. However, if you click on the image of the page that is too small to read, it should download the PDF. Once you download the PDF you can view it with whatever PDF viewer you have on your phone. On most phones, you should be able to zoom in once you have downloaded the PDF.

      If you are unable to download it and view the PDF, you might try checking with whoever provides tech support for your phone. Maybe you need to install a PDF viewer or maybe your phone is downloading it, but not opening it automatically. The other option would be to use a computer instead of your phone.

      Hope that helps!

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