The Green Lantern Speakeasy Debuts This Month In Downtown Fort Scott

The Green Lantern speakeasy bar, at 110 S. Main, the former Scottish Rite Temple. Submitted photos.

A new business venture, in the former Scottish Rite Temple, is unique to Fort Scott.

A speakeasy bar was opened by Kathy and Tracy Dancer this month.
 One hundred years ago the government tried to ban alcoholic beverages.
In  1919, Congress ratified the 18th Amendment, banning the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages. However, there were no provisional funds for anything beyond token enforcement, according to
“Speakeasy was a term used during Prohibition for drinking establishments and illegal bars,” said Kathy Dancer, owner of the
new Fort Scott speakeasy.  “They were usually hidden away in a building and sometimes you needed a password to be allowed to enter.  Fort Scott had several speakeasies including The Green Lantern, operated by J.D. McClintock.”
Kathy is the owner and her husband Tracy is the operations manager.
Tracy and Kathy Dancer at the entrance to 110 S. Main. The Green Lantern is on the second floor of the building.
“In recent years, speakeasies (although no longer illegal) have become popular again,” she said.  “Some are just regular bars while others are much more elaborate and keep the original spirit of the historic Prohibition-era speakeasies.”
The Dancers, Kathy and Tracy, purchased the old Scottish Rite Temple building at 110 S. Main a few years ago.
They added a retail shop, then a cafe and now are venturing into a speakeasy bar.
“These really are labors of love and we enjoy sharing them with the community,” Kathy said.
“110 South Main was originally constructed in the early 1920s, during the Prohibition era,” she said. “We thought a speakeasy would be a great fit as an additional business for the space.  It’s also an opportunity to bring something very unique to Fort Scott.  We have named the speakeasy The Green Lantern, after the original Fort Scott speakeasy.”
A conversation area at the Green Lantern. Submitted photos. One can see the lighted Main Street in downtown Fort Scott out the windows. Submitted photos.
The Green Lantern will be located inside the 110 South Main building on the second floor.
“The Green Lantern honors the tradition of speakeasies from the 1920s while adding some modern touches,” she said. “We will serve premium cocktails and Kansas-produced wines.  The speakeasy space has a very historic look and vibe with 1920s music and occasional visits from flapper girls and gangsters.  Patrons will need a password to get in.  Clues for the password will be posted on the speakeasy Facebook page: Green Lantern Partners LTD.”
To view the Facebook page:
A conversation area at The Green Lantern. Submitted photos.
The space has already been used for private events and the Dancers are doing several previews/soft opening on evenings in April.

“We have not established set days and times yet but we will post them on the Facebook page,” she said.

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    1. You don’t have to drink – grab a soda and enjoy the space, socialization. Lets make it a fun place to be.

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