Text advertisement at the top of the daily email.

$100 to $150 per month

Includes a headline, links, and roughly 50 words of text.  These emails go out each weekday and most weekends. With 1,800+ subscribers and a 40% open rate, this is the best way to make sure your business is seen by the maximum number of people every day. The example below has red arrows pointing to two of these types of advertisements.

Ad Posted On Website As Story

Posted once $75. Twice for $125. 3 times $160. 5 times $200.

Your advertisement will be posted along with the news stories. The advertisement can contain several hundred words, links, and multiple photographs. The ads show up on the website, are sent along with the stories in the daily email, and are linked to from the Facebook page that has around 4,500 followers.

This is a great way to present longer form information and detailed pictures to highlight your business. These posts will stay live on the site for at least 3 months after being posted.

Below is an example of what this type of ad looks like on the website. You can click here to see the actual post.


Text Based Ads on Website

$35 per month with auto billing

Text ad with roughly 50 words and a link that shows in the side bar of the website.

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