Severe Weather Is Coming This Evening: Be Prepared

There is a possibility of severe weather this evening and the community should be aware and planning in case of emergency.

“Everyone needs to keep informed about the possible severe weather either by TV, phone, or internet,” Bourbon County Emergency  Management Director Brian Allen said.  “There are storm shelters in Bronson, Uniontown, Mapleton, and Garland.  They are opened by someone in their community.  If a town has storm sirens, they are also responsible for activating them.”

” Fort Scott Dispatch only has control of the sirens in Fort Scott,”  he said.

In Fort Scott there are few public options for getting in a basement during severe weather, but Grace Baptist Church,  the former Mercy Hospital building and the Presbyterian Church will be opening a door to the public, if the tornado sirens sound.

Grace Baptist Church is at the corner of Margrave and 6th Street. The front doors will be open should the tornado sirens sound.

Brandi Rhoades, at the Grace Baptist Church on 502 S. Margrave Street, said the front door of the church will be unlocked if the sirens go off in the city.

Matthew Wells, Legacy Healthcare Foundation Director of Plant Operations, said the northwest door of the former Mercy Hospital building at 401 Woodland Hills Blvd. will be open in case the siren goes off in Fort  Scott. This was the employee entrance.


The Presbyterian Church basement at 308 S. Crawford will be open should the sirens sound, said Cindy Goebel, church secretary.


First Presbyterian Church. 308 S. Crawford.




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