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New Teachers at Winfield Scott: Suzan Durnell and Vangie Korinke

This is part of a series featuring the 26 new educators in USD 234. The first day of classes is August 18.

Suzan Durnell. Submitted photo.

Suzan Durnell, 53, is a new elementary instructional coach who works with teachers and students at both Winfield Scott and Eugene Ware Elementary Schools in Fort Scott.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from College of the Ozarks, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from Missouri State University, and a Master’s Degree in Library Science and Information Services from University of Central Missouri.

Durnell taught fifth and sixth grades in Galena, MO, second grade in Aurora, MO, then third, second,  and K-5th library skills (including reading and technology). In her 30 years of teaching she worked as a trainer for the Missouri Reading Initiative providing professional development and instructional coaching.

“I was raised in Vandalia, Missouri, graduated from Greenfield, Missouri, and have raised my own family in El Dorado Springs, Missouri. I claim each of these places as a hometown!”

Her husband, Mike will be teaching high school math at Fort Scott High School. They have been married for 31 years and recently moved to Nevada. They have two grown daughters. Jenna and her husband Quade live in Nixa, Missouri, where she works as a CPA, and Quade works as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Springfield, Missouri. Tessa and her husband, Kip, live in Hays, Kansas, where she works as an autism specialist and Kip teaches and coaches at Hays High School.

“My passion is education,” she said. “I have been fortunate to work in a field I love for all these years. I’m excited to extend my career in Fort Scott.”

“My father (a teacher, coach, principal, then superintendent) inspired my love of school,” she said. “My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Forgy, made teaching something I aspired to do.”

“The best part of teaching is the joy,” she said. “It might be joy in teaching a fun topic, joy in watching a student grasp a concept, joy in creating a community of learners, joy in play, or joy in working with talented colleagues. There’s always something that reminds me how very important the field of education is every day.”

“For me, it is a challenge to remain knowledgeable about how kids learn best. We’re learning more and more about the developing brain and how best to approach teaching. To make that even more challenging, kids’ brains are changing as they’re exposed to more technology than ever before. I feel responsible to stay on top of the most recent developments, and that’s hard to do.”

Vangie Korinke. Submitted photo.
Vangie Korinke, 40, is a new first-grade teacher at Winfield Scott.
She earned her Bachelors of Science in Sociology and Master of Arts in Teaching.
She has been a substitute teacher, and paraprofessional.  This will be her first year as a classroom teacher.
Her hometown was Pleasanton, Kansas until she was 14 and Bethany, Oklahoma following that.
She has been married to husband Matt for 17 years, and they have three kids Dawson (15), Brody(13), and Lila (9).

Outside of teaching she loves baking, shopping, coffee with friends, walking, and family time.  And she said her family enjoys being involved in their church, Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene.

“Teaching is actually my second career to pursue,” she said.  “I was an adoption specialist after receiving my bachelors in sociology in 2004.  As a mom of school ages kids, I saw firsthand what a difference teachers can make in children’s lives.  My kids had some great teachers who really inspired me to want to be that difference for other students.  I’ve always admired my sister-in-law, Cristin Stark who has been an elementary teacher for years.  I started sharing this new dream with her and she was a huge support during my journey to get here.”

“Several  people have inspired me along my journey of becoming a teacher, she said.  “But there are two people in particular who influenced me the most.  My dad always saw the good in everyone and insisted there was always hope.  I have seen seen so many students struggle in different ways.  My dad inspired me to want to help others believe in themselves and this is true with students as well. The second person who strongly influenced me was my son’s second grade teacher, Kirstie (Cox) Dwyer.  She has a gift and made my son believe he could, and so he did. It completely changed his path academically.”
The best part of teaching for her is encouraging students and cheering them on until they too believe in themselves. “And obviously it is amazing to be a part of helping them make gains and witnessing their growth,” she said. One of the challenges of teaching is finding ways to reach students with different learning styles and needs.


New Teachers at Winfield Scott Elementary: Sydney Crapson, Sierra Sprague

This is part of a series of features on the 26 new educators in USD 234. School starts on August 18 for Fort Scott schools.

Sydney Crapson. Submitted photo.

Sydney Crapson, 22, is a new first-grade teacher at Winfield Scott Elementary School in Fort Scott.

She attended Fort Scott Community College and Pittsburg State University graduating in May of 2022 with an Elementary Education Unified degree.

She is a first generation college graduate, and this is her first year of teaching.

“I have spent my entire life around children and have always loved being with them!,” she said.

Her hometown is Walnut.

Her mother, Karen, is a para educator at Girard High School. Her dad, Brian, does body work on cars and is a part-time farmer.

“I have an older brother named Bailey who is a ranch hand and lives with me in Fort Scott,” she said. “They have been my biggest supporters and I am so thankful for them!”

In her spare time she loves to read and collect books, fish, golf and sew.

“I also love animals and spend most of my evenings walking my dog,” she said. “I have lived in this community for four years and have worked at a local small business for the majority of that time.”

“Growing up, I had many amazing teachers,” she said. “All of the good ones that stick out to me made sure to take the extra time to get to know me as a person rather than just another student. Because of that relationship, they had such a strong and positive impact on my life and I knew I wanted to be that person for someone else.”

“My third-grade teacher is the main person who inspired me to become a teacher myself,” she said. “She took the time to really notice me as a person and helped me through a very difficult year when I felt like I had no one. I will forever be grateful to her.”

“The best part of teaching for me is being able to see my students grow. The excitement on their face when they finally understand or have discovered something new is heartwarming!”

“I think the most challenging part of teaching for me is spending almost an entire year with the same students and then having to let them go in May,” she said.


Sierra Sprague. Submitted.
Sierra Sprague, 24, is a new K-2nd Grade Low Incident Special Education Teacher, who will be at Winfield Scott Elementary School in Fort Scott.
Sprague earned a Bachelor in Sports Management with an emphasis in business and a minor in marketing then went back and earned a masters in Elementary Education Unified degree.
Last year she was a 4th-5th Grade Resource teacher in De Soto. Her hometown is Olathe, and she is married to Nick Sprague.
In her spare time she loves to find new books and explore coffee shops.
 “My husband is the Family Pastor at Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene, so I do a lot of activities there for the youth,” she said.
“Growing up my mom was a counselor in the school district, so I grew up at the school many nights and summer days,” she said. “In kindergarten we had a kinder city and that is where my love for teaching started.”
However, she started her college major in business, but changed to teaching, she said.
“A lot of my teachers had a part in making me want to teach.They believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. One teacher I remember was Ms. White, in 6th grade she told me that I could be whatever I wanted but I had to be willing to work for it and be ready for any obstacles that came.”
“The best part of teaching is seeing the smiles of kids, when they just figured out something that they were struggling with”

News from USD 234



Monday, August 8, 2022


Members of the USD 234 Board of Education met at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, August 8, 2022, for their regular monthly meeting at the board office.


President Danny Brown opened the meeting.


The board approved the official agenda, and the consent agenda as follows:


  • Minutes from July 11, 2022, Board of Education Meeting (with modification) and minutes from July 25, 2022, Special Board of Education Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Check Register
  • Payroll – July 20, 2022 – $1,289, 232.37
  • Activity Fund accounts
  • Audiology Contract with Greenbush
  • Low Incidence Contract with Greenbush


The board heard reports from FSKNEA, the Assistant Superintendent, and the Business Manager.  The board received a presentation of the budget and reviewed a copy of the District Needs Assessment.  Budget publications will also be posted to the district website.


The board approved the following items:

  • Superintendent Brown to proceed forward with negotiation and finalization of a MOU with the City of Fort Scott to expand the School Resource Officer program to include a second School Resource Officer.
  • Participation in the KDHE School Board Grant. The board heard from Ashley Hooper and Dan Duling with CHC regarding a KDHE grant to provide a school-based clinic that would provide access to a medical provider, additional nursing services, and mental health services for students and staff.  The planned site is the Fort Scott High School, but services would be available to all students.
  • COVID updated guidance for the upcoming school year
  • 2022-23 Employee Handbook
  • 2022-23 No Limits Contract for physical therapy services
  • 2022-23 Happy Kids Contract for preschool slots and classrooms
  • Middle school chiller replacement up to $200,000
  • Personnel Report – following
  • 2022-23 Negotiated Agreement as amended to reflect an increase to the base salary and agreed upon items
  • Recommended increases for Administrators, Directors, and Special Services personnel


The board went into an executive session for personnel matters, negotiations to discuss reopening the 2022-23 negotiations, and then into an executive session for personnel matters.  


President Danny Brown adjourned the meeting.







  • Lannette Wood – Resignation as FSHS paraprofessional, effective August 6, 2022
  • Norma Floyd – Resignation as Winfield Scott paraprofessional, effective July 25, 2022
  • Lacey Miles – Resignation as Winfield Scott cook, effective August 2, 2022
  • Angella Curran – Resignation as FSHS speech/debate/forensics teacher, effective August 15, 2022
  • Delynn Abati – Resignation as FSHS play assistant
  • Josh Hudiburg – Resignation as FSMS basketball coach


  • Instructional Coaches – Additional 10 days added to contract
  • Ashley Wilcox – Winfield Scott After-Care Program Coordinator
  • Adam Feagins – FSMS Intramural Coach for the first, second, and third nine-weeks
  • Shelly Sanborn – FSHS paraprofessional
  • Jannah Farrington – District Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Coordinator
  • Marci Mix – Eugene Ware Building Test Coordinator
  • Tracy Homan – FSMS Building Test Coordinator
  • Josh Messer – FSHS Building Test Coordinator
  • Ashley Wilcox – Winfield Scott Professional Development Chair
  • Marci Mix – Eugene Ware Professional Development Chair
  • Angie Kemmerer – FSMS Professional Development Chair
  • Sara Jackman – FSHS Professional Development Chair
  • Gordon Harris – Reassignment from FSMS custodian to FSPC/Eugene Ware Custodian
  • Dylan Goucher – Reassignment from FSPC/Eugene Ware custodian to FSHS Custodian
  • Allen Davis – Reassignment from FSMS/BOE custodian to FSMS Custodian
  • Alisha Watkins – Reassignment from FSHS custodian to FSMS/BOE Custodian
  • Anthony Ogle – Assigned to FSMS custodian position
  • Dixie Jackson – Assigned to FSHS custodian position
  • Kenny Hudiburg – FSHS assistant girls’ tennis coach
  • Jered McKay – Reassignment from Eugene Ware focus room teacher to Winfield Scott focus room teacher
  • Anna Anderson – Reassignment from Eugene Ware paraprofessional to Eugene Ware focus room teacher
  • Megan Hull – Reassignment from Eugene Ware paraprofessional to speech paraprofessional
  • Siarra Willard – Eugene Ware paraprofessional
  • Tamra McReynolds – Eugene Ware paraprofessional
  • Sara Rood – Eugene Ware paraprofessional

New FSHS Educators: Mike Durnell and Christi Smith

This is part of a series featuring the 26 new Fort Scott educators.
USD 234 students first day is August 18.
Mike Durnell. Submitted photo.
Mike Durnell, 54, is a new math teacher at Fort Scott High School.
His hometown is Moundville, MO.
He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in education from College of the Ozarks, a Master’s Degree in education from Missouri State University, and a Specialist’s Degree in Education from William Woods University.
He has taught for 31 years.
Durnell began teaching high school math in LaMonte, Missouri, then taught math in Billings, Missouri and Aurora, Missouri at the middle and high school levels, then junior high math in El Dorado Springs, for many years before serving as the Activities Director. Most recently, he have taught junior high math in Uniontown.
He is married to Suzan and has two grown daughters, Jenna and Tessa. “Suzan will be working in the elementary schools in Fort Scott this coming school year, my daughters are married, working, and making the world a better place,” he said.
Outside of the classroom he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Durnell was influenced to teach by his high school teacher and coach, Randy Robertson, he said.

Students are the best part of teaching for Durnell, although there are some challenges.

“In teaching, we are faced with students being more distracted than ever,” he said. “It is a challenge to keep things interesting for them.


Christie Smith with her family. Submitted photo.

Christie Lutter Smith, 48 is the Speech Language Pathologist for Eugene Ware Elementary, Fort Scott High, St. Mary’s Elementary, Christian Heights and Christian Learning Center all in Fort Scott.

“I am really looking forward to being a part of the Fort Scott School District,” she said.  “I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and can’t wait to work with the kids and their families.”

Smith earned a Bachelor’s in Communication Disorders (Speech Language Pathology), then a Master’s in Early Childhood Special Education, taught school, then earned a Master’s in Communication Disorders.

“I have been a speech therapist for over 20 years and have practiced in a variety of settings: schools, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. I love them all and feel blessed to love what I do.”

She and husband Dallas have been married 25 years and have three girls: Meg, 22, is getting married this fall; Ellie,17 will be a senior and “can’t wait for basketball season, and Cate,10a, ttends Saint Mary’s and pretty much loves everyone,” she said.

In her spare time she loves to travel, read,  and has hobbbies of photography, music and art.

 Smith’s other involvements in the community: Catholic High School Youth Leader, past Mercy Hospital Foundation Board member, a nursing home volunteer, Parent Teacher Organization, past board member of Mother to Mother Ministry, Relay for Life, PEO, and Magazine Club.

“I started college as a pre-med student; however, after taking a few classes in speech pathology I fell in love. Probably because I love to talk! As my classes went along I also fell in love with the special education field and became actively involved in the Special Olympics. All these exposures and experiences have aided me throughout my career.”

“Some of the greatest challenges I have faced in my career and continue to face is finding the resources our families need in Southeast Kansas.  It may not be easy to find but there are amazing people and companies out there, a lot of them in our community.”


USD 235 Board of Education Agenda For August 8





Monday, August 8, 2022

7:30 p.m.



  1. Call to Order.


  1. District Mission Statement.
  2. Approve the Agenda.
  3. Review and approve the July 11, 2022 Regular meeting minutes.


  1. Consent Agenda.


  1. Approve and pay bills on the computer printout .
  2.   Approve July 2022 Treasurer Report.
  3. Surplus Equipment List Dated 8-8-22


III.         Informational Items.


  1. Audience with patrons.
  2. Preliminary Budget Review
  3. Highland Milk bid for 2022-2023 school year.
  4. BlueCross Blue Shield 2022-23 renewal
  5. KASB Annual Convention
  6. Set Revenue Neutral and Budget Hearing- (Sept. 12, 2022)
  7. District Needs Assessment
  8. Homer and Laura Steele Trust Recipient
  9. Administrative Reports – Ms. Gilion, Mr. Smith, Mr. Eden


  1. Action Items.
  2. Approve Hiland Milk bid for 2022-2023 school year.
  3. Approve Blue Cross Blue Shield Renewal
  4. Approve Publication of Budget and Revenue Neutral Rate
  5. Approve Student Early graduation.


  1. Executive Session – Personnel.


VII.      Executive Session – Negotiations.


VIII.      Adjournment.

Next regular board meeting date is Monday, September 12, 2022 at 7:30.

Revenue Neutral Hearing at 7:15 p.m. and Budget Hearing at 7:20 p.m.

To view the total agenda pkt.:


USD 234 Board Agenda For August 8


AUGUST 8, 2022 – 5:30 P.M.



1.0       Call Meeting to Order                                  Danny Brown, President


2.0       Flag Salute


3.0       Approval of the Official Agenda (Action Item)


4.0       Approval of the Consent Agenda (Action Item)


            4.1       Minutes from July 11, 2022, Board of Education Meeting

                        Minutes from July 25, 2022, Special Board of Education Meeting

            4.2       Treasurer’s Report

            4.3       Check Register

            4.4       Payroll – July 20, 2022 – $1,289, 232.37

            4.5       Activity Fund accounts

            4.6       Audiology Contract with Greenbush

            4.7       Low Incidence Contract with Greenbush


5.0       Leadership Reports (Information/Discussion)


            5.1       Superintendent’s Report

            5.2       Assistant Superintendent’s Report

            5.3       Business Manager’s Report


6.0       Old Business


            6.1       Approve MOU with the City of Fort Scott for a second School Resource Officer                 


7.0       New Business

7.1       Approval of participation in the KDHE School-Based Grant (Action Item)



7.2       Budget Presentation


            7.3       Approval of 2022-2023 COVID Update for the upcoming school year (Action Item)


            7.4       Approval of 2022-2023 Employee Handbook (Action Item)


            7.5       Approval of 2022-23 No Limits Contract (Action Item)

            7.6       Approval of 2022-23 Happy Kids Contract (Action Item)                                      

            7.7       Approval of middle school chiller replacement (Action Item)  

8.0       Other Business – Personnel Matters

8.1       Enter Executive Session – Personnel Matters (Action Item)


8.2       Exit Executive Session


8.3       Approval of Personnel Report (Action Item)


8.4       Enter Executive Session – Negotiations (Action Item)


8.5       Exit Executive Session


8.6       Approve amended 2022-23 negotiated agreement


9.0       Adjourn Meeting



New FSHS Teachers: Jon Barnes and Mike Krull

This is part of a series featuring the new educators in Bourbon County. There are 26 new educators in USD 234.

Jon Barnes. Submitted.

Jon Barnes, 23, is the new Fort Scott High School American Government and American History teacher.

Barnes graduated from Fort Scott Community College with an Associates of Science and from Pittsburg State University he earned a Bachelor of Science in Education.

He is a first year teacher.

Barnes comes from Yates Center. His family:  mom Tonya Billiard Barnes  of Fort Scott, dad is Kevin Barnes of Mound City.

In his spare time he enjoys walking his dog, lifting weights, playing golf, basketball, watching movies, playing video games, hunting/fishing, and is involved at the  Fort Scott Church of  the Nazarene.

“I decided to become a teacher after working as a tutor my second year at FSCC,” he said. “Both my parents are in education and they certainly inspired me, as well as my fourth grade teacher and high school cross country coach, Rex McVey.”

“The part of teaching I’m most excited about is getting to work with my students,” he said. “I’m in it for the kids, I love building relationships and being a positive influence on the next generation.”

“As a first year teacher, I’m sure I will find the challenges when we get rolling, but I look forward to working through them,” he said.

Mike Krull. Submitted photo.

Mike Krull, 56, is the new Fort Scott High School Physical Education Teacher and head boys basketball coach.

He has a Bachelors of Science in Education Degree from Pittsburg State University, with emphasis in physical education and social studies.

Krull taught at Louisburg, from 1991-1998 Frankfort, from 1998-2000, Yates Center, from 2000-2002, and Parsons from 2002-2022.

He grew up in Girard, Kansas.

His wife’s name is Misty and together they have five children.

“Three are mine and two are hers,” Krull said. “One son shy of Brady Bunch. I have a son Wesley, who is a teacher at Parsons and two daughters, Kaylee, a teacher at Pittsburg, and Sydney, a  senior at PSU. I have a step-daugher, McCarly, a nurse/RN in Pittsburg and a step-son, McCade, an independent contractor in SEK.”

Some of his interests outside of school are  “obviously basketball / sports, learning new cultures around the world, traveling / cruising, grandchildren Rip and Myla,” he said.

He became a teacher because he enjoyed school, he said. “I was always around the school environment with my mother, a secretary, and father, a teacher. I went to Fort Scott Community College and Pittsburg State University for my formal training, and really enjoy being around the environment.”

“No one person really inspired me to be a teacher, but really a combination of the overall experience. My mother, father, coaches, my high school teachers, and my college teachers,” he said.

“The best part of teaching is probably knowing that other teachers go through the same thing you go through with students and also the bonds that are made with students and their families and the bond with other faculty members,” Krull said.

“Probably the biggest challenge is knowing that each day will be different, good or bad, from the previous days,” he said.



New Uniontown High School Teachers: Morgan Egidy and Breanna Taylor

Morgan Egidy. Submitted photo.
Morgan Egidy, 24, is a new instrumental/vocal teacher at Uniontown Junior/Senior High School.
Her hometown is Greeley.
She earned a bachelor degree in music education from Kansas State University and taught one year preciously at Council Grove Jr/Sr High School
“I also have judged music for 4-H Club days in multiple counties across Kansas and the North Central District Band Auditions. I have taught private lessons for all instruments, including guitar for seven years now.”
She has a son named London who will start kindergarten.
Outside of school she loves riding horses, photography, farming, plants, playing guitar/saxophone/clarinet, and composing/arranging music.
“I am very involved in my home community of Anderson County where I volunteer helping at the county fair, judging photography for them and surrounding counties, and I am active within my home church, The Garnett Church of the Nazarene.”
Egidy was very involved in band in all through her schooling and in her junior year was selected to  travel to seven countries across Europe to perform. She received scholarships from both Pitt State University and Kansas State University but accepted the K.S.U. one and was very active in marching band, pep band, quartets,concert ensembles, and solo performing, graduating  in May 2021.
She was inspired to teach by several people.
“Mr. Jeff Russell, my high school band director, and Mrs. Bonnie Kubacka, my elementary music teacher, were my biggest inspiration and a good friend who helped me realize how passionate I was about music.”
For her, seeing the light bulb moment happen for a student when they finally are able to do or understand something that was once difficult for them is the best part. “Also, the connections you make with students are so special.”
Teaching music has its challenges.
“Getting students in a music class in the first place is definitely a big challenge,” she said. “However, there is so much music has to offer: it greatly improves brain development, teaches life long skills such as work ethic, motivation, commitment, team work, and so much more.”
Breanna Taylor. Submitted.
Breanna Taylor, 23, is a new 8th, 9th, and 10th grade English teacher at Uniontown High School.
Her hometown is Uniontown and she is looking forward to teaching there.
This is Taylor’s first teaching job.
She earned a degree in English Education and Spanish Language and Culture from Pittsburg State University in May 2022.
She  married  Dakota on May 29, 2021, and they had a son, Greyson, born on April 20,2022.

Outside of teaching she loves to spend time with her family, shop, travel, and support small businesses.

“While at PSU, I did a solo study abroad experience for a semester in Salamanca, Spain,” she said. “I lived in a dorm ran by nuns! It was such a rich experience. I made friends from all over the world, went to places all over Europe like: Ireland, Portugal, and London, and gained a new level of independence.”
 “I have been focusing on motherhood, but I plan to get very involved in both the Fort Scott and Uniontown community,” she said. “My goal is to one day have a scholarship program in the community for students, like me, that come from low-income single parent homes.”
“I had the idea of becoming a teacher my senior year of high school, and the idea became my reality,” she said. “I was heavily inspired by my high school English teacher, Alicia Jackson. I grew up wishing to be just like her. She is so strong, smart, and wears the BEST high heels. I hated English, but she allowed me to grow a passion for it”.
“I think one of the many best parts of teaching in having a role in students’ lives!,” she said.  “I love helping students find what they are passionate about, what allows them to reach personal success, and what helps them grow to be the person they wish to be in life. “
 “I think the biggest challenge in today’s world is teachers not truly understanding what our students are going through in their lives in and outside of the hallways,” she said. “Mental health has become a huge issue in our schools- for both teachers and students. This is why my classroom will always be a welcoming room for any and all students to be their authentic selves, be kind, and discuss their mental health.”

Nick Johnson: New Fort Scott Preschool Center Principal

Nick Johnson, 35, is the new  principal at Fort Scott Preschool Center.
He is not new to the district school system, however.
“I have worked in the USD 234 school district for the last thirteen years,” Johnson said.  “I began my career teaching second grade at Eugene Ware Elementary. After the two elementary schools became attendance centers, I moved to Winfield Scott where I continued to teach second grade for nine more years.  For the last three years, I have been teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies at Fort Scott Middle School.”
Since graduating from Fort Scott High School in 2005, Johnson earned an associate’s degree from Fort Scott Community College, a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Pittsburg State University, and a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Emporia State University.
His hometown is Fort Scott.

His wife, Amanda, is also an educator who teaches elementary music at Jayhawk Elementary in Mound City.  They have two sons-  Leighton, 13, and Reid, 7.

When not teaching, he is involved in his children’s sports activities.

 “My boys enjoy sports, so when I’m not at school, I am often coaching youth football, basketball, or baseball,” he said.
How did you choose to become a  teacher?
“I worked part-time at The Keyhole Youth Center while attending FSCC.  I enjoyed getting to know the youth who frequented the center and being a positive influence in their lives.  That experience led me to explore the field of education.”
Is there someone who inspired you?
“While attending Fort Scott schools, I was fortunate to have many great teachers who influenced my career choice.”
What is the best part of teaching for you?
“The best part about being an educator is having the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of our youth.”
What are the challenges?
“The biggest challenge we are facing at the preschool is the lack of physical space to meet the current demand for early childhood education services.  We are looking forward to working with the district administration, school board, and community to develop a solution to meet the needs of our community.”

Special U234 Board Meeting Cancelled


Monday, August 1, 2022

The special board meeting scheduled at their offices for 5:30 p.m. on Monday, August 1, 2022, was not held due to lack of quorum. The budget presentation has been rescheduled for the regular board meeting on August 8, 2022, at 5:30 p.m.

Uniontown Schools Enroll Aug. 3-4

The two school districts in Bourbon County are preparing to start classes this month.
In USD235, Uniontown, parents have an opportunity to enroll their students on Aug. 3 from 8 a.m. to noon and Aug. 4 from noon to 7 p.m. The student’s first day is August 25. This district is welcoming two new principals, a new superintendent, and six new teachers.
Fort Scott’s school district has student enrollment today, August 1, with the first day of school on August 18.
See last Friday’s feature to learn more about USD 234 enrollment:  Fort Scott’s USD 234 Enrolls Next Monday
Vance Eden. Submitted photo.
U235 is varying the times to best accommodate families’ schedules, Vance Eden, superintendent, said.
Students aren’t required to attend the event, but a parent/guardian would need to come for all enrolling students unless other arrangements have been made,” he said.
Parents will go to their children’s respective schools to enroll their students.
“While students will be able to find out who their teachers are, teachers will not be working that day,” he said.
The district has one position that they were unable to fill, “but we have made the needed adjustments to respond to the shortage,” Eden said.
As far as COVID-19 plans: “The district will continue to receive guidance from the county health officer as appropriate,” Eden said. “With it now being treated as endemic, we do not anticipate any significant impact on the student experience.  We will continue to use appropriate cleaning and disinfecting practices to minimize the sharing of illness.”
Teachers will report on August 22, with students’ first day on August 25.
To view interviews with the administrators:
New teacher profiles will be featured in coming publications
“We are excited to get the school year going,” Eden said.  “Students won’t see any major changes to their experience on the first days.  That said, we will be reflecting on and making adjustments throughout the year to best meet student needs.”

Fort Scott’s USD 234 Enrolls Next Monday

USD 234 Board of Education Building, 424 S. Main

Fort Scott’s School District is  set to begin the new year and has 26 new teachers and five new administrators.

The district scheduled student enrollment for August 1, with the first day of school, August 18.

“USD 234 does still have paraprofessional, coaching, and HVAC positions open,” Dalaina Smith USD 234 Assistant Superintendent, said.

A series featuring the new teaching staff will be featured in the next few weeks on

New USD 234 Administrators  are Nick Johnson, Fort Scott Preschool Principal; Krystle Mayginnes, Winfield Scott Assistant Principal; Shelly Charter, WS Principal; Zach Johnson, Fort Scott Middle School Principal, and  Destry Brown, Superintendent.

To view prior profiles of these adminstrators:

Destry Brown: New USD 234 Superintendent

New School Administrator Series: Shelly Charter

New School Admin Series: Zach Johnson

Winfield Scott Assistant Principal: Krystle Mayginnes

Smith’s role as assistant superintendent is new, even though she is not new to the district.

Dalaina Smith began duties as assistant superintendent of USD234 on July 1. Submitted photo.

“At this time we don’t have an anticipated number of students,” she said.

USD 234, is anticipating operating a normal school year for 2022-23, “although…the district admin team will be working to ensure that there is a plan in place in an effort to be proactive,” regarding aCOVID-19 outbreak, she said.

USD 234 will be hosting in-person enrollment on Monday, August 1, 2022. 

Here is the process.

All new students will need to enroll in person at their school, according to information provided by Smith. Families having difficulty with online enrollment or internet access should also plan to attend.  Students who have enrolled online will not need to attend in-person enrollment.  
Families with multiple students will be able to enroll at a single location, but may need to visit with other buildings about specific needs.  Food service, transportation, and technology information will also be available during these times.

Building staff will be on-site to assist families with the enrollment process during the following times on Monday, August 1:

Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade will enroll from  7-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.
Fort Scott High School will enroll from 8 a.m. to noon  and 1-5 p.m.
For specific questions or concerns, please contact the building secretaries at:
Preschool Center – 620.223.8965
Winfield Scott – 620.223.0450
Eugene Ware – 620.223.3380
Middle School – 620.223.3262
High School – 620.223.0600
The following is the school district’s calendar: