Zellner Resigns, New Interim Jeff Hancock is Hired as FS City Manager

Fort Scott City Hall.
Kelley Zellner. Submitted photo.

Fort Scott City Commission has been on “a little rocky road,” new Interim Fort Scott City Manager Jeff Hancock said in a phone interview today.

The rocky road referred to is the  high rate of change in city managers and commissioners over the last few years.

But he sees “a bright future for the city,” he said. “Fort Scott has a lot going for it.”

Zellner Departs

The Fort Scott City Commission met on Sept. 22 to approve the severance agreement for City Manager Kelley Zellner, who resigned  to pursue an employment opportunity in Caney, KS.

Zellner is receiving a payment equal to 30 days pay and accumulated vacation and sick days. The exact amount is still being calculated at the time of publishing this story, according to Hancock.

To view the severance:


Management Partners Consultant Jeff Hancock Signs A Contract for City Manager

Jeff Hancock. Taken from Linkedin.com

On Sept. 20, the City of Fort Scott hired Hancock as interim city manager, and appointed Brad Matkin, current Human Resource Director, to also become assistant city manager. Matkin’s salary was increased to $85,000 annually.

Brad Matkin. Submitted photo.

Hancock, from Camdenton, Missouri, is a consultant for Management Partners,  and will provide interim city manager services and assist with recruiting a new manager, if desired.

Management Partners will invoice the city $7,000 per month, plus travel expenses and Hancock will be onsite in Fort Scott, 24 hours per week. Hancock will usually work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, according to City Clerk Diane Clay.

“I’ll be on call 24/7, even though I’ll be working in Fort Scott three days a week,” Hancock said.

“Under the city manager form of government, the city manager makes pertinent decisions quickly at times,” Hancock said. “Having a professional (interim city manager) is a protection for Fort Scott.”

“The city commission will use me until it’s the right time,” he said. “I anticipate three to four months. I haven’t had a chance to dialogue with the commission about this yet.”

To view the agreement:

4684001_FortScott,KS_interim_CM_MgtServices_exec_22 09 21

Hancock has previous experience as Fort Scott’s interim city manager, when Dave Martin resigned in October 2020 until the hiring of Jeremy Frazier in February 2021. Frazier resigned in August 2021 and an interim city manager, Mark McCoy, was hired until Zellner was hired in December 2021.

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