Gordon Parks Museum receives Irby Endowment Award

With the Dr. Pratt and Pauline Irby Endowment Fund Award courtesy of Janet Braun, Bob Irby and Mary Rio, all siblings of the benefactors Gordon Parks Museum officials were able to purchase a 43inch touchscreen display and tablet kiosks with stands and software, available for use by visitors of any age.

“We are very thankful to receive this very kind donation and award from the Irby family in honor of Dr. Pratt and Pauline Irby,” said museum executive director Kirk Sharp. “The touchscreen displays with the large viewing screen help the museum to engage visitors in different ways. This helps give visitors of the museum a more modern approach to learning, viewing and appreciating the collection and works of Gordon Parks.”

The interactive display, which allows visitors to view photos, videos, interviews, music and more, Sharp said, will be available for use in the meeting room/lobby area of the Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center during the annual Gordon Parks celebration Oct. 68.

Museum visits and tours can be scheduled for a later date by calling (620) 2232700, ext. 5850, or by sending an email to
[email protected].

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