New Pig Farm Being Located Near Bourbon County Line: Help Needed

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A swine farm is being constructed along the county line next to Bourbon County

The company, Monarch Sow Farm, is owned by Perdue Premium Meat Company, headquartered in Salisbury, MD, and is located in Neosho County.  Their harvest facility is in Sioux Center, Iowa.

“The property is on the county lines of Neosho, Allen, and Bourbon; but in Neosho County,” said Jim Magolski, PHD, Perdue’s Senior Director of Hog Quality and Protocols. “The property is south of Alabama/250th Road, west of York/10th Road, and north of 39.”

The 240 acres of land was purchased in March 2021, and construction began February 2022.  The site will be completed in August of 2022, according to Magolski.

“We birth (farrow) and raise baby pigs until they are old enough to be weaned from their mothers,” said Magolski.

“The farm, when fully populated, will house 1600 sows across five barns, three barns comprised of large pens bedded with straw for gestation and two barns of individual birthing pens for the moms and piglets that is also bedded with straw and wood shavings; all raised in accordance to production protocols that exceed industry standards,” he said.  “Our program is part of a farming system that helps support new and young farmers, independent family farmers and generational farmers that are looking to grow sustainably, humanely raised pigs.”

“This farm is on the Bourbon County line, but is actually in Neosho County,” he said.  “As an antibiotic free production system, biosecurity and the distance to other swine is a key component of this type of production model’s success.  The combination of low pig density, an ideal climate for our open air barns, quality work force, ample access to bedding (straw), and close proximity to our network of independent family farms made this area an ideal location to expand our business while investing in a community we look forward to being a valued member of.”

“The piglets from this farm will be sold to farmers in the region to raise on their land as part of our weaned pig program,” he said. “This program has helped farmers find a way to make a living in agriculture, particularly young farmers who do not have the time to dedicate to farrowing.  Today we have over 600 producers in our network across the Midwest, including over 30 producers in eastern Kansas.”

Employees are needed for the farm.

“We’re hiring!” he said.  “We pay well above minimum wage and have many growth opportunities within a larger company. Ultimately we will have 12 employees at the location.”

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