Former FS City Manager Jeremy Frazier is Given Severance Package

Jeremy Frazier. Submitted photo.

On August 3, Fort Scott City ManagerJeremy Frazier resigned his position to pursue other employment opportunities, according to information provided by the city.

Frazier had been city manager for six months.

The Fort Scott City Commission began immediately to search for a new city manager.

Frazier gave no reason in the letter for his leaving, and an email to him had no response.

The city agreed to provide a letter of reference to Frazier that he is qualified and has performed his duties professionally and competently during his six months in the city manager position, according to the severance package provided by the city.

Frazier will receive six months’ salary in a lump sum and continuing health insurance until he has acquired other health insurance, according to the information from the city.

Frazier’s contract was for $115,000 per year.


In return, Frazier will make himself available to assist the city staff with consultations on various city matters and projects, for 90 days.

Both Frazier and the city agree to make no disparaging remarks about each other without the risk of voiding the agreement between them.


To view the entire severance package:



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6 thoughts on “Former FS City Manager Jeremy Frazier is Given Severance Package”

  1. This just does not make sense. The man signs a contract to be the city manager and then, on his own, resigns to seek other employment. Then the city REWARDS him by paying him over $50,000 plus health insurance. If that is the true scenario, then every commissioner who voted for the severance package should be voted out of office for failing to adequately represent the city of Fort Scott and being good stewards of the tax monies entrusted to them.

  2. When is citizen’s of fort Scott going to be put first in this town how many people are we paying that no longer represent fort Scott I only speak for myself in saying who is approving these contracts, I am losing faith that the right people are making these decision

  3. The City did not do their homework when they hired Frazier. So now they are going to send him away not only with a severance package but also a with a positive letter of recommendation. That positive recommendation is just as egregious as the severance package. Ask around town and find out the reason for his departure. He should have been fired and not allowed to resign, with no severance package and no positive recommendation.

    1. “Ask around town.”

      How about you tell us? I heard it was about blown out of proportion text messages to a waitress.

      But of course you cannot rely on rumors. Rumors are for liars and lovers of lies, those who refuse to safeguard against false witness by only repeating what they personally know.

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