Union Lofts Apartments Open For Rental In Downtown Fort Scott

A view from the window of a Union Loft apartment. Submitted photos.
Union Lofts Apartments, 20 S. Main in downtown Fort Scott, will be available to move into in mid-January 2021.
The building has been under demolition then reconstruction since 2018, at the corner of 1st and Main Streets.
Tony Krsnich, Flint Hills Holdings, (located at 7301 Mission Rd, 326 Prairie Village Campus, Prairie Village) is the developer.
Twenty-five apartments fill the three-story historic building, and eight have already been leased.
Some of the perks for living in them?
“The tenants will be living in a newly renovated historic building,” said Mandy Maples, Flint Hills Holdings Vice President of Operations. “There will be a courtyard area with seating and a BBQ grill, indoor workout facility, every apartment is uniquely designed.
 ​No two apartments are the same. Every apartment is unique and holds its own personality.”
Residents may move in the middle of January and there are apartments available for leasing now, she said.
Applications can be picked up at 8 East First Street, at the apartment building across the street.
For questions, call 620-223-1718.
Following are prior stories on the building:
Flint Hills Holding
 ​Flint Hills Holdings Group was established in early 2014. FHHG specializes in historic preservation and multifamily developments. FHHG has developed over $100MM of real estate in Kansas and Missouri since its inception in early 2014 and currently works in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa.

3 thoughts on “Union Lofts Apartments Open For Rental In Downtown Fort Scott”

  1. Look nice, but not exactly the “luxury apartments” they promised.
    Way better than an empty building though, and should bring more traffic to the downtown area. Not many buildings left to renovate in town, now if we can get some decent paying jobs, and attract professional people from other towns to come to Ft Scott, we just might get back on the map…..Of course then there’s the east side of town to fix up. But still great progress.

  2. How much does a 1 bedroom rent for a month and what all is included in regards to what tenants do pay for utilities

  3. what are the businesses that will be on the street level ?
    havent heard about new businesses or stores opening.
    Hope the town is once again busy with shoppers enjoying the downtown.

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