Demo Work Has Started On Union Block Building

Kevin Klassen, an employee of Skitch’s Inc. looks into the dumpster beneath the Union Block Building in downtown Fort Scott on Monday.

An empty downtown building is being gutted in preparation of renovation into apartments.

The Union Block Building at 18, 20, and 22 S. Main is the current project of Skitch’s Inc. which is doing the interior demolition of the building.

“It will probably be a week-and-a-half to get it down to the bare bones,” Kevin “Skitch” Allen, said. Demolition started on August 20.

Kent Hardesty is the electrical, heating and air conditioning contractor, according to Kevin Klassen, an employee of Skitch’s Inc.

In the demolition they are finding old theater seats, old stubs from the Charles Parsons Chiropractic Office, among other items, Allen said.

“They are ruined with pigeon poop,” he said.

The dilapidated building is being developed into Fort Scott Loft Apartments, whose developer is Flint Hill Holdings, Lawrence.

“Tony Krsnich is the owner,” Rachel Pruitt, Fort Scott Economic Director, said. “They did the Western Senior Living Apartments.”

The Western Senior Living building is across the street south of the Union Block Building.

The Fort Scott Lofts will allow 40 additional residents to live downtown, Pruitt said.

“One of the city’s problems to solve is parking,” Pruitt said. “But we are working on that.”

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