Pioneer Harvest Fiesta!

Fort Scott, KS

This weekend’s weather was beautiful and hopefully you were able to attend a long-running Fort Scott celebration of the Pioneer days, skills and trades and, of course, tractor pulling.


Pioneer Harvest Fiesta kicked off Thursday night with a parade and ended around 3pm on Sunday. Activities were planned all weekend and certainly provided much entertainment as well as educational. On display is a strong heritage and tribute to those who work hard in our fields. Unfortunately, many of these skills are a dying craft, given over to urbanization.


Hundreds came from all around to visit the craft fair, flea market, the numerous vendors and to see those old tractors. David McCord, president of the Pioneer Harvest Fiesta, may be the Fiesta’s biggest fan, stated he’s already started working on next year’s Fiesta. Hopeful to bring in more people he’s wanting to bring in new agriculture technologies, such as greenhouses, drip irrigation and alternative power solutions, such as wind power. He also envisions capturing the younger audience with some very creative math and science competitions. The prize is something that even the adults may even want to join in the competition. However, you will have for the official announcement when the details have been worked out.

Many vendors from all around came with a wide variety of wares. Antiques, home-made items, food (including home-made peach ice cream and it was as amazing as it sounds.) Cynthia Files and Cindi Taylor were selling Feista ‘wear.’ Proceeds from those items purchased will go on to help restore the older buildings at the fairgrounds. Thanks to them both for the ‘photo op’ and thank you also for the countless volunteer hours (and many other who are unnamed) who help make the Fiesta possible.


It’s very difficult to cover all the interesting events that happened in a short blog, those of you who couldn’t make it did miss out. However, we have lots of pictures of this weekend for you to view. Make sure and put this on your calendar for next year, the last weekend of September, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have information on an event you think we would be interesting in covering, shoot us an email: [email protected]


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