Bourbon County Adds New Alert System

Bourbon County, KS – Communication during a potential time of disaster has proven to save peoples lives. Emergency personnel are always on the look for better ways to communicate to those living in their jurisdiction more effectively.


Starting this October, Bourbon County is launching a new alert system. This alert system is named “CodeRED.” Bourbon County Emergency Manager, William Wallace is enthusiastic about the possibilities of this system. “Not only can you receive alerts about potential dangers, but the user can choose to receive notifications about county wide events and news,” Wallace said.


CodeRED is a high-speed mass notification system that can deliver alerts to your land line or texts to your cell phone or email. Registration for the alerts is free and simple.  Click here to go to the Bourbon County web page to register.  There is also an app you can download for smart phones by clicking here.


For more information or questions:
620-223-3800 or [email protected]


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