Signs And Sidewalks To Increase In County

Fort Scott High School Carpentry Instructor Larry Lawrence tells students of the work needed to complete the first kiosk the class is working on as a community project. From left are Cole Rogers, junior; Hunter Davis, senior; Averie Ryburn, junior; Caleb Rhoades, senior;  Lawrence, Tracy Watkins, senior; Tristan Stone, junior; and Cole Hall, sophomore. The classes are building information kiosks that will be placed on trails in Fort Scott and Uniontown.

New wayfinding signs will soon dot the walking/biking trails in Fort Scott and Uniontown.

With $7,500 received in late summer from The American Planning Associations  Kansas Chapter and Pathways to Healthy Kansas, the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team will provide information kiosks to be placed around the county, according to Jody Hoener, member of the team.

Hoener is also a member of the sub-committee tasked with pulling the kiosk project together. Also serving on the sub-committee are Todd Farrell, Frank Halsey, Lindsay Madison,  and Jerry Witt.

Each kiosk will have maps of the trail and the surrounding community placed on them for reference to walkers/bikers using the trails, Hoener said.

The 10- foot- long, four-foot-wide and nine- feet -high wooden signs with roofs will be placed at Riverfront Loop Road,  Bell Town Trail,  the new trail at Gunn Park, Ellis Park Trail,  Fort Scott Community College Trail, Industrial Park Trail, and in the western part of the county, the Uniontown Trail.

FSHS teacher, Larry Lawrence, works with students Averie Ryburn, Tristan Stone and Tracy Watkins on the rafters of the second kiosk in production at the school. To the left is the finished roof of the first kiosk.

The construction of the kiosks is being completed by Fort Scott High School Carpentry Classes, under the instruction of Larry Lawrence.

Lawrence was looking for community projects for his students to work on, he said.

This summer, Fort Scott Superintendent of Parks Todd Farrell called with the kiosk idea, Lawrence said.

Two carpentry classes have been working on them since school started, Lawrence said.

“We are building four (kiosks) right now, and maybe four in the spring,” Lawrence said.

“They gave me the initial plans and I created them in more detail on AutoCAD (computer-aided design),” Lawrence said.

Simon Ballou will do the artwork for the kiosks and Darren Crays will print and apply the work on plastic panels, Crays said.

“Frank Halsey is going to take them to his place (following completion),” Lawrence said. “He’ll keep them until the city is ready to put them up.”

New sidewalks to be unveiled Nov. 14

The proposed new sidewalks in Uniontown. Taken from the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team Facebook page.
The Fort Scott sidewalk plan to be proposed on Nov. 14, taken from the Health Bourbon County Action Team Facebook page.

In addition to wayfaring signs, the Healthy Bourbon County Action Team has been planning for more sidewalks in the county.

That team, along with PedNet will be at both the Fort Scott City Commission and the Uniontown City Council  November 14 to show the results of the sidewalk plans, according to its Facebook page. They will unveil the proposed non-motorized transportation plan from 5-6 p.m.  at the Fort Scott City Hall, 123 S. Main, and from 7-8 p.m. at Uniontown City Hall, 206 Sherman, on the east side of the square.

PedNet is a non-profit consulting firm specializing in Safe Routes to School, non-motorized transportation, and nutrition, according to the Facebook page.

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