Girard Medical Center Offers Two Medical Information Classes In Uniontown Dec. 3

Patricia Boore, Infection Control for Girard Medical Center is planning to be in Uniontown on Thursday, December 3 at 1 pm for a class of 20 participants.

Two subjects will be discussed.

Stop the Bleed: This is a class for citizens to attend to learn about recognizing life-threatening bleeding and how to respond in an emergency.

Red File: There is a folder that contains forms that can be filled out and ready in case of an emergency. Among those forms are Advance Directives. These forms will be explained to the individuals and   questions answered they may have about the forms.


Attendance for the class will be by registration and limited to 20 people. If there is a positive response, we will schedule another class later on.


Submitted by

Patti Boore, RN,Infection Control, Girard Medical Center.

Phone: 620-724-5172

Fax: 620-724-5103

Or one can register by calling the Uniontown City Clerk at 620-756-4742.


Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare with compassion as we support our communities and provide an environment where our employees and physicians can achieve personal and professional goals.

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