Fort Scott Livestock Market: Online Sales As An Option

From the Fort Scott Livestock Market Facebook page.
Photo from the Fort Scott Livestock website.

Fort Scott Livestock Market has been a Martin family business since 1994, and marketed over 104,000 animals a year for Kansas and Missouri producers. They are the third largest agricultural auction in Kansas.

Located at 2131 Maple Road, the auction service sells agricultural livestock each weekend.

The Fort Scott Livestock Market Sale Barn, admin offices and cafe are housed in this building taken from the business website.

The auction features clear, fast-talking  auctioneers, and includes multiple televisions throughout the facility for participants to keep an eye on the action in the ring.

Jim Martin, 89, one of the owners, still is an auctioneer.

The auction is often a family event for the buyers and sellers as well.

“Cattle buyers and sellers are often joined by a spouse, child or grandchild who enjoy a clear view of each animal coming through the ring,” according to the press release.

For those people who want home raised beef for their family freezer, the auction will have five butcher steers that start selling today,  March 24, according to their Facebook page.

The business also sell paddles and flag whips for working with cattle on farms and also have apparel for sale: tee shirts, hoodies and vests.


Sale Times and Options

They start receiving cattle on Thursdays, according to their website,

The Friday sale is for cows, pairs, baby calves and big bulls, the Saturday sale, which starts at 10 a.m., starts with feeder and stocker calves and ends with cows and big bulls that came to the sale later.

Their cattle buyers are in person, or send a representative to help get “top-dollar” for the sellers livestock, according to a press release from FSLM.

In February 2023 they have added online purchasing of cattle on Fridays to the list of services. Fridays  at 10 a.m.the  sale features cows and bulls and Saturdays at 10 a.m. feature mostly calves, but also some cows and bulls.  In 2012, the Saturday sale was put online.

Saturdays are the biggest sales.

“We are now broadcasting our sales real-time, the cattle auction is live on the internet …at  WWW.DVAUCTION.COM,” according to the press release.   “You must be registered through DV Auction and be approved through our office to bid. If you have not been approved through our office, please have your DV Auction # ready when you call us. 620-223-4600.”

For the latest information go to Facebook,  at Fort Scott Livestock Market.

Family Owned

The market  is owned and operated by four generations of the Martin family.

“Whether you’re selling one cow or a trailer load, they strive to give you the same quality enjoyable experience,” according to a press release. “Jim, Larry, Kyle and Tyler Martin are happy to discuss your cattle with you. Their phones light up all day, every day and each call gets a response.”

The fourth generation of Martins works as yard help.

Submitted photo of the Martins. Kyle, Larry, Jim and Tyler. Three generations of Martins.

Jim, Larry’s dad, Larry Martin, along with Tyler and Kyle, Larry’s sons, are the owners and managers of the business.

They regularly give back to various community clubs and organizations through various county fairs, FFA organizations, the Hepler Rodeo, the Vernon County Cattleman’s Association and various schools, churches and clubs.

The business employs over one hundred “hard-working individuals, from check-in to load-out, it’s a hands on, one-on-one experience,” according to the press release. “Behind the scenes there is a quality crew, in the front and back that are experts at sorting the cattle, joined by cowboys on horses penning the animals.”

The cafe at the livestock market is also a multi-generational family  business. Bobbi Miller and her daughter Thabena Bower run the cafe.

“With fresh mouthwatering Friday and Saturday specials and homemade blue-ribbon quality pies,” it is a great place to eat, according to the press release.

They regularly give back to various community clubs and organizations through county fairs, FFA organizations, the Hepler Rodeo, the Vernon County Cattleman’s Association, schools, churches and clubs.











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