Former Western Insurance Building Renamed: Fort Scott Lofts

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A one bedroom apartment in The Fort Scott Lofts. Courtesy photo.

A renovated downtown apartment complex has been renamed and had some age restrictions lifted as of January 1, 2019.

The building that used to house the Western Insurance Company, between National Avenue and Main Street in downtown Fort Scott, is now called The Fort Scott Lofts.

“They wanted to rebrand it,” said Rachel Wheeler, leasing agent and onsite manager at The Fort Scott Lofts. “Many thought it was a senior citizen building. I think it confused a bunch of people.”

Under the former name of the apartments, Western Senior Living, 80 percent of the residents had to be 55 years old, Wagner said, and 20 percent under 55.

Western Senior Living opened in December 2016 following a major renovation of the building.

“My bosses went through the proper channels and got it  (the name and restrictions)changed,” she said. “Now if a person makes this amount of money, they pay this amount.”

Monthly rent starts at $370 for a one bedroom apartment and up to $625 for a two bedroom one, depending on income, she said.

Wagner can be reached at 620-223-1718 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The apartments are not furnished, except for stove, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.

Currently, out of 35, 11 apartments are available, Wheeler said.

Some of the amenities are 120 channel Direct TV, water and trash are paid, Wheeler said. There is also an onsite laundry facility and off-street parking.

“We have a fitness room with a couple of exercise bikes and treadmills,” she said. “Pets are allowed. There is a one-time pet addendum of $200 (in the contract for pet lovers).”

“We have caring people that live here,” she said. “A group meets for coffee in the morning and another meets in the evening for wine and talking about the day.”

There are perks for living downtown.

A coffee shop, restaurants, and shops all within a few blocks.

Residents get a front row seat for the parades that Fort Scott celebrates events with, and also for Good Ol Days, the annual community event.

There are free local-artist outdoor music concerts just across the street in the summer, as well.

The owners of the building are Flint Hills Management, LLC.

A sister property, across First Street, will soon begin renovation of the old Union Building and will be called Union Lofts, she said.

“I’ll be managing it, too,” Wheeler said.

The Fort Scott Lofts, formerly Western Senior Living, 8 East First.

6 thoughts on “Former Western Insurance Building Renamed: Fort Scott Lofts”

  1. Billed as “Luxury Senior Living” at first, then just “Senior Living”, then they let out one unit as a homeless shelter, now its just “Lofts”…..Another failure in Fort Scott. Either the city got scammed, or the city is in on it. Just like the airport improvements and the new jail…. How much grant money went into this project? Didn’t the city pay for the demolition also? Yep another wonderful investment that ends up be used for the Low Income/No Income crowd…..

    1. To concerned: I have a little concern about the fact that you are putting us in a low income-no income class. I do not consider $370 to $625 low income period plus we pay our electric. And I do not believe we have a homeless apt. There are several seniors here and I have been here for over 1 1/2 yrs and like my apt very much. It has had some problems but not any more than any other apt. complex that deals with the public. We have several young people here who are very quiet and respectable. So before you put us in a bad category, please keep in mind, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. We seniors are respectable people living on our Social Security than we worked for.

  2. What a shame to change the rules for this beautiful building.
    There is plenty of low income housing in town.
    Another mistake that will hurt downtown.

    1. Monthly rent starts at $370 for a one bedroom apartment and up to $625 for a two bedroom one, depending on income.

  3. ANY product or service that is priced according to an individuals income is always catering to low income. The menu across the street at Crooners only has one set of prices, right? They don’t discount that steak just because you’re on a fixed income. Everybody pays the same, regardless of income. As for seniors on SS, you have earned everything you receive and then some. I’m glad you’re happy in the building and I truly hope you remain that way. I know if it was me, I’d be less than happy that I moved into a senior complex, only to have it change. I guess we’ll see how this works out after all your new neighbors move in.

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