Walmart Remodels for Beer Sales and Online Grocery Shopping

Mike Mulrey, superintendent for JRJ Construction, Texas, watches on Monday morning as plumbers install a drain in preparation for the coolers that will be installed in Walmart for new beer coolers. A hole was dug in the floor of the area for the plumbers to install the pipes for the drain.

Customers may have noticed some bare grocery shelves at a local store.

Walmart at 2500 S. Main is reconfiguring the grocery section to “make it flow better,” said Steve, the assistant manager.

Beer Sales

A recent law has precipitated changes in the beer/liquor section of the store.

“The state law changed and effective April 1, we will carry up to six-percent beer,” Steve said. “Hopefully in the future liquor will be added.”

Former Gov. Sam Brownback signed a law in 2017 allowing the sale of higher percentage alcohol beer in grocery and convenience stores to start in 2019, according to a Wichita Eagle newspaper feature story on April 18, 2017.

It’s a significant shift in the way the state regulates alcoholic beverages, according to the Eagle story. The bill was proposed as a compromise between big stores and liquor stores in response to changes in alcohol laws in neighboring Colorado and Oklahoma.

Online Grocery Shopping

“Part of the remodel is for our online grocery that will start,” Steve said. “I don’t have an exact date right now. There is pre-work going on.”

Approximately six more employees will be hired to work in that new section, he said.

The new service will target young customers, Steve said.

“You can order groceries then when you arrive we bring it out to your vehicle. We do the shopping,” he said.

Fort Scott Walmart Employees 160-plus People

Currently, there are 160 employees at Walmart in Fort Scott.

That doesn’t include the pharmacy.

“Pharmacy is a separate entity,” Steve said. “Eyewear is staffed by the pharmacy. That’s why if somebody needs help, we can’t just send someone from the store to help.”





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