New Pet Service Opens By Newcomers From California

Devin and Jalaine Davis. Submitted photo.

Devin and Jalaine Davis moved to Fort Scott from Rancho Murieta, California at the end of April 2024.

“I’m from the Midwest and missed my roots and we wanted to be more central to being able to drive to family,” she said. “We have a military friend from Fort Scott which is what keyed us in to consider this our new home and we love it so far.”
Jalaine is a Navy veteran and her husband is a Marine veteran
She started her pet care service business in California and continues it at their new home. She does pet-sitting, dog walking, and drop-in services available for all pet owner’s needs.

“I started my business in California because I love animals and was tired of being inside all day behind a desk and felt I could serve a better purpose by serving my local community through pet services needs and the business flourished in no time. I left 150 clients to move here and am looking forward to helping others in Fort Scott now.”
“I will be transferring my LLC to Kansas very soon,” she said. “A unique thing about my services is that this is an official, licensed business, unlike other local dog walkers and I provide other services, such as putting out your trash bins while you are away, and returning them the following day, picking up your mail, watering plants, etc.  I take my business seriously and do everything I can to accommodate you and your pet(s)! Another unique thing about my dog walking services is that it’s one on one with your pet(s).”
“I DO NOT mix other people’s dog(s) into the walk with yours; allowing your pet to get full attention from me,” she said. “I’m also a runner, so if your pet needs to run instead of walk, I can do it!  Send me a text or call to schedule a meet and greet at (916) 753-4733.”
She also takes care of livestock and farm animals.
Her references are available upon request.
Instagram: @jalainespetservices
Her electronic business card at:


Jalaine has a  Master of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management degree.

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