Opening Soon: Fort Scott Barbershop, 118 E. Wall

From front to back are Jaylisha Montanez, Giancarlo Montanez, and Jose Montanez, the three new barbers in Fort Scott. Mayra Montez stands beside her husband, Jose. In the barber seat is Jose Montanez Jr.
A view of the inside of Fort Scott Barbershop, 118 E. Wall.

The Montanez family will soon open their new barbershop at 118 E. Wall.



They are waiting on a few items to complete the shop and plan on opening in the next few weeks.



Jose Montanez is father to the other barbers: his daughter, Jaylisha Montanez, and son, Giancarlo Montanez. Jose’s wife, Mayra does bookkeeping for the business “and everything else,” Jose said.



For 20 years the family has had a barbershop in Overland Park, operating six shops altogether, Mayra said.



“Jose won an award for best barbershop in the midwest and the Trailblazer Award of Kansas City,” she said. “Jose started training other barbers. We specialize in straight razors. It gives a clean, direct shave to the face, that started getting people’s attention.”



Razor cuts are what the Montanez family is known for in Overland Park.
Jose Montanez demonstrates a razor cut on his son Giancarlo.

“It is an old fashion barbershop with hot towels and hot lather for our VIP treatment,” Mayra said. “But also all the trending hairstyles.”



The cost for a haircut is $20 and $30 for the VIP Treatment, which includes a beard cut with a hot towel and hot lather, Jose said.



There are posters of 180 men’s hairstyles on the wall of the barbershop, Jose said. “But we can also do custom hairstyles.”




“If you bring your kid in for a first haircut, they get a certificate with a piece of the hair and their name, date, and the signature of the barber,” Mayra said.



Their hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.




Their first day of business, instead of a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony, will be a day of free haircuts for City of Fort Scott personnel: which includes police officers, firemen, city office, EMTs.





“Following the honoring of Fort Scott employees, the shop will be open to the public,” Mayra said.





“We are making vouchers, so if the city employees can’t come on that day, they can still come and get the VIP treatment,” she said.





“Being Puerto Rican…we know how to work with all hair,” Mayra said. “That has helped us be so diversified in the city. Anybody can come  and get a great haircut experience.”



Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier was in the shop on May 3 to welcome the new business.



Fort Scott City Manager Jeremy Frazier, right, welcomed Joses Montanez, to Fort Scott on May 3 outside the new barbershop.


When people are looking for a new town to reside in, they look for the basics: housing, transportation, schools, health care… but also personal care, such as barbers, Frazier said. “I feel like this shop will help add diversity and offer people with different kinds of hair a place for a haircut.”




The Montanez family purchased the storefront at 118 E. Wall from Dean and Marlene Gettler.

Former building owners Dean and Marlene Gettler stop in the Fort Scott Barbershop on May 3 to view the building remodel.


The Gettler’s would often have coffee and people-watch from the storefront, they were told by their realtor, Barbara Albright.


Realtor Barb Albright, left talks with Mayra Montanez on May 3 at the new barbershop.


So the Montanez’s have installed a coffee station in the shop, with free coffee, and a table to sit and have the coffee.



“We started a coffee station, with Puerto Rico, Brazilian and American coffee, so the Gettlers can come for coffee, along with patrons,  and can have a free cup of coffee,” Mayra said.



Jose and Mayra have purchased a home on Judson, Jaylisha a home on Main Street and Giancarlo is looking to purchase a home in Fort Scott, as well.



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  1. Welcome to Fort Scott! You are doing so many good things to make people feel welcome in your shop. Nice job!

  2. Thank you a $5 haircut would be a “Concern” to me, how well did they sanitize the tools and station after each haircut, did they discard the disposable razor or re-use, did the Barber wash his hands before and after each client, did he wear disposable gloves? Etc…but if they come by we’ll gladly fix their $5 haircut in a healthy and sanitized environment..

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