Walmart Remodeling For Online Shopping

The word “Pickup” can be seen on the south section of Walmart, 2500 S. Main Street. There will be designated parking spaces for online shoppers soon.

Shoppers at Walmart in Fort Scott can see boxes in the former self-checkout area and the removal of a few cash register stations at the front of the store.

The self-checkout area is being expanded in Walmart Fort Scott.


In addition, the cell phone area has been relocated to the electronics department.

Walmart’s remodeled electronics section.

Walmart is remodeling.

“We are getting ready for online shopping,” said Scott, an associate manager at Fort Scott. “That’s where you order online, then come and pick it up. It will be sometime in June.”

“The self-register area will be bigger,” he said. “And there will be one on the north (of the line cash register stands), within the next two weeks.”

The number of cash registers has been reduced to make room for the expanded self-registers.

The empty space, formerly the cell phone sales area, as you enter the southeast door of Walmart, is closed.

“It is undecided right now what the previous cell phone area will be used for,” Scott said.



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