Volunteer Bell Ringers Needed

Allen Schellack, Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries Outreach Center, shows the bell and bucket needed to volunteer for the Salvation Army fundraising campaign.

It’s that time of year again!

The Salvation Army needs volunteers to ring bells in their annual fundraising campaign.

Allen Schellack, Fort Scott Compassionate Ministries(FSCM), is seeking bell ringers in partnership with the Salvation Army.

The hours and days are flexible, he said.

Individuals, families, churches, and community service organizations are encouraged to call 620-223-2212 to set up a time to serve.

All donations stay in Bourbon County, he said.

This year $4,134.47 is assistance was provided to local families.

FSCM is the designated Salvation Army Disaster Relief and Services Extension Unit for Bourbon County. Through the partnership the following services are provided:

  • disaster relief,
  • rental and utility assistance,
  • prescriptions (no narcotics),
  • temporary lodging,
  • gasoline for work or doctor,
  • vision help(eyeglasses),
  • Salvation Army Kids Camp,
  • and other unspecified needs are on a case by case basis.

In addition, FSCM is a volunteer organization that provided these services in 2016-17:

  • fire disaster packs,
  • homeless/transition assist packs,
  • Christmas presents for teens,
  • school supplies for middle and high school students.
Fort Scott Compassionate Care Ministries is located on the second floor at 26 N. Main. Pass through the Senior Citizens Center to get there.

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