Christmas Decorations On Burke Street

Story idea submitted by Jana Walker, who provided the photos.

Bob Lemons leads neighborhood children in painting candy canes that he created to display in yards. From left:  Ella Walker, Olivia Walker, Grace Walker, Annabelle Gorman, Johnny Kerr, Owen Smith, Bob Lemons, Gianna Gorman, Audrey Walker.

Candy canes, bows, bells… these are all symbols that bring to mind the Christmas season.

The Burke Street neighborhood in Fort Scott created candy canes as yard decorations this month using these symbols of Christmas.

“We started talking about it at the annual 4th of July picnic,” Jana Walker, said. The Burke Street residents have an annual 4th of July parade, and with a picnic following.

It was at the picnic that the neighborhood decided to do Christmas decorations. Burke Street resident Sara Ellis recommended a candy cane lane, said Jana Walker.

“We are trying to build a community with each other,” Jana Walker said. “We wanted to include the children.”

Walker said she would like to encourage other neighborhoods do projects together because it helps people get to know each other.

“It’s fun getting to know the neighborhood,” Bob Lemons said of the project.

Lemons was the carpenter on the project and spearheaded the children painting the candy canes.

“Shane (Jana’s husband) knew that Bob had done carpentry work,” Jana said.

In October, the Walkers then went door-to-door in the neighborhood seeking input about the Christmas candy cane yard decorating project.

“They supplied the materials,” Lemons said. “I cut them out.”

“They needed a place to paint, so I offered my garage,” he said.

Just before Thanksgiving, when the neighborhood children were out of school, the painting portion of the candy cane project got started in the Lemons garage.

From left: Ella Walker, Olivia Walker, Grace Walker and Annabelle Gorman paint candy canes in Bob Lemons garage.
From left: Owen Smith, Gianna Gorman and Audrey Walker paint candy canes during Thanksgiving break.

“He volunteered to cut them out and directed the children in painting them white,” Jana Walker noted. “He then finished painting the red stripes.”

Then bows and bells were attached along with the hardware to allow them to stay in the ground.

One of the candy canes that were a community project on Burke Street.

On Monday, Betty and Bob Lemons, went down the neighborhood street, putting the candy canes on display in the yards, after getting permission from each family.

Candy canes are posted in yards of residents on Burke Street. The decorations are a community project of the people who live on the street.

About 12-14  children off-and-on helped with the project, Lemons said.

“We’ve just lived here three years, it’s a great way to get to know the neighbors,” Lemons said.



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