Uniontown City Council Minutes of August 9

The unofficial minutes of the Uniontown City Council

The Regular Council Meeting on August 9, 2022 at Uniontown City Hall, was called to order at 7:00 PM by Mayor Jurgensen.  Council members present were Jess Ervin, Danea Esslinger (7:04), Josh Hartman, and Bradley Stewart.  Also in attendance for all or part of the meeting were Raymond George and Randy Rathbun (Uniontown Ruritan), Bill Delich, Bettis Asphalt & Construction, Jason Thompson and Josh Bales (Green Environmental Services), Mary Pemberton, Carey Spoon, SEK Regional Planning Commission, and Amanda Lancaster, Diehl Banwart Bolton, CPA, City Superintendent Bobby Rich, City Codes Enforcement Officer Doug Coyan, City Treasurer Charlene Bolinger, and City Clerk Sally Johnson.



Open Bids for street mill & asphalt project – Bettis Asphalt & Construction Base Bid $127,287.85, Alternate $70,950.15, total $198,238.00.  Killough Construction Base Bid less mill/pack on Seventh St/Sherman St $60,813.24.  Due to one bid not having a complete base bid and not comparable to the other bid received and the other bid was over our budgeted amount for the project, all bids were rejected.  The Council will consider asking for line item bids in the future as they also consider other funding options.  Clerk Johnson will send letter to Killough Construction.


Open RFPs for Trash Service – The City is required to follow the procedure laid out in KSA 12-2036.  The procedure was explained by Clerk Johnson.  No RFPs were opened.  Green Environmental Services was given their unopened proposal and Clerk Johnson will return the other with a letter of explanation.  Clerk Johnson will send out a supplemental newsletter with this information.


2022 Financial Audit presentation – Due to a misunderstanding regarding the Gas Utility Loan and collection of gas surcharge to repay loan, the Gas Utility Fund expenditures were over budget.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0 to accept 2022 Financial Audit as presented


Ruritan Bathroom Project, Raymond “Skeet” George – Mr George asked the Council is they wanted lever handles in and out or a push bar or the inside.  Lever handles were selected.  Doors will open out and have programmable locks.  Ruritan would like for it to be open to the public during the day.  He is meeting with electrician tomorrow.  There will be a fan in the attic area and can lights.

Randy Rathbun gave a presentation for the proposed addition of a “fire truck” in the playground in honor of Dale Jackson.  Council was receptive of the addition.


SEK Regional Planning Commission, Carey Spoon – State of Kansas had a summit last month regarding the Hub they have set up to administer the funds from BIL.  Most federal funding is wanting regional projects and an action plan would have to be submitted before any funding for the implementation could be applied for.  She gave a handout to each person at the table with information explaining Safe Streets 4 All.  CDBG is not accepting applications for street projects this year.  They are not very familiar with KDOT funding sources but will try to help us as much as possible.  They are having a meeting August 23, 11-1 (in person or zoom) on BIL funding.



Mary Pemberton gave an update on the progress of their rehab.  Scheduled to pour sidewalk next week.  Codes Officer Coyan will meet with her again.  Inside should be completed by end of August and all work should be completed by end of October.  She also reminded the Council of the Bourbon County REDI vision meeting on August 23, 6PM, at River Room above Luther’s BBQ in Fort Scott.



Treasurer Bolinger presented the July 2022 Treasurer’s Report.  Beginning Checking Account Balance for all funds was $371,765.26, Receipts $28,432.97, Transfers Out $3,026.00, Expenditures $27,542.60, Checking Account Closing Balance $369,629.63. Bank Statement Balance $372,396.19, including Checking Account Interest of $1.43, Outstanding Deposits $0, Outstanding Checks $2,766.56, Reconciled Balance $369,629.63.  Water Utilities Certificates of Deposit $30,100.97, Sewer Utilities Certificate of Deposit $18,593.23, Gas Utilities Certificates of Deposit $28,381.43, Total All Funds, including Certificates of Deposit $446,705.26. Year-to-Date Interest in Checking Acct is $208.02, and Utility CDs $168.40 for a Total Year-to-Date Interest of $376.42.  Also included the status of the Projects Checking Account for the month of July 2022, Beginning Balance $0, Receipts $0, Expenditures $0, Ending Balance $0.  July Transfers from Sewer Utility Fund to Sewer Revolving Loan $1,402; from Water Utility Fund to GO Water Bond & Interest $1,624.00, Total Transfers of $3,026.00.  Net Loss for the month of July $2,135.63, Year-to-Date Net Income $45.886.13.  Budget vs Actual Water Fund YTD Revenue $64,623.57 (61.3%), Expenditures $63,375.25 (48.5%); Sewer Fund YTD Revenue $20,413.55 (57.2%), Expenditures $22,756.67 (55.5%); Gas Fund YTD Revenue $87,681.63 (62.8%), Expenditures $84,919.58 (34.6%); General Fund YTD Revenue $100,488.77 (78.2%), Expenditures $88,140.99 (53.3%); and Special Highway YTD Revenue $5625.70 (82.1%), Expenditures $1,041.18 (9.8%).  The August 2022 estimated payables in the amount of $40,671.74 were presented.



Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0, to approve Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of July 12, 2022 Regular Council Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report, Monthly Transaction Report & Accounts Payables



Superintendent Rich reminded Council he has two weeks vacation time that has to be taken before October 29, then gets three weeks.  He is to take one week at a time.

KCC Pipeline Safety Seminar is October 26-27 in Manhattan.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Esslinger, Approved 4-0 to allow Bobby Rich to attend KCC Pipline Safety Seminar in Manhattan on October 26-27


Codes Enforcement Officer Coyan reported the deadline for Smith Estate is September 1.  City Attorney suggested preparing resolution for condemnation.  It was suggested to have a structural engineer inspect the property prior to preparing the resolution.


Clerk Johnson informed the council that HBCAT needs budget numbers for the placemaking project.  She will add a survey to the supplemental newsletter for community input of what exercise equipment to purchase and/or build pickleball court.

KMEA/KMGA Annual Conference is September 29-30 in Wichita.


Motion by Hartman, Second by Ervin, Approved 4-0 to allow Sally Johnson to attend KMEA/KMGA Annual Conference in Wichita on September 29-30


We received a letter from FEMA regarding the 30-day data submission notification for the draft flood insurance rate map (FIRM) for Bourbon County.  The draft shows decreased potential for flooding and no special flood hazard areas in the city limits.

There have been requests for fall citywide cleanup.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0 to have a fall citywide cleanup August 22-26, 8AM-8PM with dumpsters removed when full.


Clerk Johnson will also add this and a reminder about school starting to the supplemental newsletter.

The November regularly scheduled council meeting is on election day.


Motion by Stewart, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0 to reschedule the November regular council meeting on November 15, 2022, 7PM


The HP color printer/copier has quit.  RTS Electronics said parts are not available and would recommend replacing with a laser color printer instead of an inkjet, more cost effective.


Motion by Ervin, Second by Esslinger, approved 4-0 to have Clerk Johnson get a new color printer/copier



Councilman Ervin – He attended the KMGA Regional Meeting in Humboldt on July 14 (handouts in packets).  BBCO REDI Vision Meeting, August 23, 6PM, River Room, Fort Scott.  He also asked if the dog issue had been resolved.  Clerk Johnson stated that she informed Animal Control Officer Binford and that the dogs that were chasing the kids were back at home and tied up in different areas than before, so dog owner is aware they were loose but she hasn’t been able to connect with him yet.

Councilwoman Esslinger – nothing

Councilman Hartman – received a complaint of a property owner being injured while mowing the easement ditch on his property on Seventh St.  Council asked Rich to look at ditch and talk to property owner.

Councilwoman Kelly – absent

Councilman Stewart – nothing

Mayor Jurgensen – Two lights out in park, northeast corner and west side.  Rich spoke to Evergy today and they said it could be 10 business days before they are repaired/replaced.



American Rescue Plan Act update – Council directed Codes Enforcement Officer Coyan to get bids for the ADA bathroom upgrade at City Hall.  Also asked Johnson to amend the BBCO REDI grant application for this project instead of the public bathroom project.


2023 Budget, Gas Surcharge/Loan – Budget has been reworked to add gas surcharge revenue and loan payments.  Johnson also revised the 2022 budget to include the gas surcharge revenue and loan payments.  At this time, it does not appear that we will need to republish.  She asked Council to review the reworked budget and let her know by the end of the week if something needs amended.  She will send notice of hearings to Tribune next week.



Motion by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0 to enter into executive session pursuant to non-elected personnel matters exception, KSA 4319(b)(1), in order to discuss performance of non-elected personnel, the open meeting to resume at 9:28PM.


Open meeting resumed at 9:28PM.


Motion by Esslinger, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0 to increase base pay for Animal Control Officer to $12/hr


Moved by Ervin, Second by Hartman, Approved 4-0, to adjourn at 9:29PM

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  1. I have heard that the Smith Estate is being acted upon. The notice gives a September 1 deadline . What does that mean? Deadline for doing what? The owner of the property has received no information on this statement. Please advise.

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