UHS 2020 Graduation: July 11


Luke George is valedictorian for the class of UHS 2020.
Liberty Franks is salutatorian for the class of UHS 2020.
Uniontown High School personnel are working to provide an in-person graduation ceremony for its’ 2020 seniors.
The UHS Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 11 at 2:00 pm in the WBE gymnasium.
Mike Reith, Principal at Uniontown High School, recently posted a notice to the families of 2020 seniors on social media.


“When Governor Kelly modified the Reopen Kansas plan, it caused us to need to move our graduation date scheduled for June 21. The seniors who participated in the graduation ceremony discussion Zoom session with me wanted to set a date in each of the three summer months. The second date was originally set for Sunday, July 12, but I realized that for some families and situations, a Saturday graduation might be preferable. So I gave the seniors and families an option to vote for either July 11 or July 12.  The result of that vote was to have the ceremony on Saturday, July 11.”


Reith answered questions in an email interview with fortscott.biz:



Will there be a limit on how many family members can attend the ceremony?

“Currently, we are not planning to limit attendance. It is a small class, so we feel we can structure the gymnasium for proper social-distancing while still being able to accommodate for all who plan to attend.”



Will social distancing be maintained?

“We have been advised by Rebecca Johnson, SEK Multi-County Health Departments Administrator, to follow the ‘Phase Out’ recommendations of Governor Kelly’s Reopen Kansas plan, which we were planning to do already. Graduates will be spaced 6 feet apart. We will encourage all those who plan to attend to use proper hygiene and stay home if they feel sick. We will advise those who may be at a higher risk due to their health situation to strongly consider staying home, but we will leave that decision up to them. We will structure the facility so that families can sit together, but different family groups will be social-distanced. We will make hand-sanitizer readily available, and we will encourage attendees to wear masks if they choose.”



Who will be the speakers?

” Speakers are Valedictorian – Luke George, Salutatorian – Libby Franks, Inspirational Speaker – Mrs. Alicia Jackson (chosen by the Class of 2020).” Jackson is a teacher at UHS.

The Class of  Uniontown High School 2020 has 19 students”
Donavan Beerbower, Kord Bowen, Makenzie Brown, Alissa Button, Cheyanne Carpenter, Morgan Coulter, Ty Davidson, Colt Eck, Libby Franks, Luke George, Dalton.Graham, Jacquie Hampton, Matthew Harclerode, Breleigh Harris, Kolby Martinez, Sivanah McAnulty, Shelby Morillo, Gavin Ross, Lauren Shinn.

The following are photos of the class.

Donovan Beerbower
Kord Bowen
Makenzie Brown
Alissa Button
Cheyanne Carpenter
Morgan Coulter
Ty Davidson
Colt Eck
Liberty Franks
Luke George
Dalton Graham
Jacquelyn Hampton
Matthew Harclerode
Breleigh Harris
Kolby Martinez
Sivanah McAnulty
Shelby Morilla
Gavin Ross
Lauren Shinn


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