Town-Wide Garage Sale Benefits Many

The Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce organizes a town-wide garage sale annually, this year it is May 10-11.
“It’s to bring people to town and provide a fun event for the community,” Lindsay Madison, executive director said. “When people visit Fort Scott for the sale they typically also eat lunch here, get gas and patronize other businesses. The event allows those who have a sale to make money, then go out and purchase more from local retailers and restaurants.”
Lindsay Madison is the Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce Executive Director.
 “People are just beginning to sign up.  We hope to have at least 30 sales participating so we encourage people to register!  It is a quick and easy way to clean out your closets, garage or storage shed and make some extra cash.
Maps will be available starting Thursday, May 9th at 10 am at the following locations: Bids & Dibs, Casey’s, Don’s Smoke Shop, 5 Corners, and all Pete’s  Convenience Store locations.
 The $10 registration to list each garage sale contributes to the budget for the Chamber to advertise the sale across the region and to print hundreds of copies of the listing and map for the distribution locations.
  Advertising includes radio, newspaper, and paid social media. 
The more sales that are listed the more budget there is to advertise to make the overall sale more successful. 
The Chamber also sells blocks of advertising to businesses and organizations for $25 each which also funds marketing of the sale. 
Businesses and organizations are invited to place an ad along with a coupon if desired.”
The Spring Town-wide Garage Sale is usually planned in conjunction with the Pioneer Harvest Swap Meet at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds which is typically the second weekend in May.

Pioneer Harvest Fiesta Swap Meet

 is May 10-11 at the Bourbon County Fairgrounds, west off Hwy. 69 on 23rd St.

Click below for its website:

“The Pioneer Harvest committee mails out several thousand postcards advertising both the swap meet and the town-wide garage sale, so it is a good partnership between the Chamber and that organization,” Madison said.
“The Swap Meet gates will open at 8 a.m. both Friday and Saturday the 10th and 11th and will have something for everyone including antique gas engines, antique auto parts, farm tractors and parts, farm equipment and accessories, and general garage sale items.”

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