The Inaugural Christmas on the Bricks: An Enjoyable Weekend

Diane Striler, chairperson of the Elevate Christmas on the Bricks Festival, enjoys a ride with her husband, Dean,  in one of the horse-drawn carriages in historic Downtown Fort Scott, taken from her Facebook page.

Diane Striler said she is overwhelmed by the positive feedback she has received from the community about the Christmas on the Bricks Festival this past weekend.

Striler was the Elevate Fort Scott Christmas Chairman who facilitated the first annual event.

First Ever Christmas on the Bricks: Something For Everyone

“While planning this event, my goal was to have a variety of activities available throughout the weekend so everyone could find something they would enjoy doing,” she said. “I wasn’t sure how things would fall into place, but was just hoping that people would show up and have a good time.”

“The best part for me is hearing that businesses profited, the community had fun, people traveled to attend the event, our downtown looks beautiful and people are already talking about next year,” she said.

There were some challenges to creating the event.

“Any time you plan something like this, you will run into some challenges,” she said.

Even though the weather was cold and damp, “People still showed up,” she said. “As for other challenges, I did a lot of praying and things just seemed to fall into place.”

” Lindsay Madison…was my main sidekick in this and I couldn’t have done this without her,” Striler said.

“We are compiling a list of people we want to thank, and we don’t want to miss anyone who supported us,” she said. “We’ll be publishing the list once we have that complete.”

The committee is planning a wrap-up meeting at the Chamber office this Friday from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m.

“We welcome feedback from those involved,” she said. “We’ll use this info to tweak next year’s event to make it even better!”

Next year Christmas on the Bricks will be Dec 6- 8th, staying consistent with the first weekend in December.

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  1. I had a wonderful time at the parade and then brought my sister on Saturday night we had a really good sister time had our pictures taken with Santa first time ever for both of us even went to the Singo bingo that was fun even though we didn’t win or did we and didn’t know because we was unsure about some of the Christmas songs either way we had a great time. Thank you. See you next year

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