Teri Hulsey: New EMS Director

Teri Hulsey. Submitted photo.
Teri Hulsey, 53, is the new Bourbon County Emergency Medical Services Director as of May 1, 2022.
She had previously worked 11 years at Mercy Hospital until the unit became Bourbon County EMS.

Hulsey and her husband Shannon have four children and nine grandchildren.

In her spare time she volunteers at Kansas Rock Recreation Park.
The following is with an interview with fortscott.biz:
Why did you pursue your career?
“I chose this career to give back to my community and for the opportunity to be an influence to others.”
What will your duties be in this new role?
“To be a leader for the EMS department, to oversee all employees and the responsibilities of those employees, scheduling, billing,  and filling the void with shift coverage when needed. Also, hiring and maintaining full rostered staff.”
How many EMS personnel are there?
“There are nine full time and 10 part time employees.”
Teri Hulsey’s office is located at 405 Woodland Hills Blvd,
 Fort Scott, KS.  66701 and can be reached at 620.644.7951.
EMS Agreement
Dave Bruner, the former director, was a part of the Fort Scott Fire Department, and was employed by the city.
“EMS is under the county governorship, with Susan Bancroft’s oversight,” Fort Scott City Manager Kelley Zellner said. Bancroft works for both the city and county as the financial director.
On May 1, 2022, the City of Fort Scott and Bourbon County governments signed an agreement  that the county will work with, and compensate the city, for dispatch services and an EMS truck operated by the Fort Scott Fire Department. The city agreed to continue maintenance of the EMS vehicles and allow Bourbon County EMS to fuel their EMS vehicles at the city’s fuel pump and then turn in a bill to the county for these services.
To see the agreement:

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