Ten Commandments Monument Built for St. Mary’s

Fr. Robert Wachter is seen here blessing the new Ten Commandments monument that was built and put in place between Saint Mary’s Catholic School and Mary Queen of Angels Catholic Church. The event took place Sunday, Sept. 9.

The local council of Saint Bernard’s Council #796 paid for the heavy duty powder coated metal frame.

The face of the commandments is made out of 3/16” thick stainless steel and was donated by a brother knight and his wife. The letters were laser cut through the metal. Solar powered lights are set inside of the frame to light up the letters at night.

Brother Knights and family members donated the labor as well as the concrete.

Helping with the ceremony was 4th Degree Knights (L to R) Scott Flater, Joe Barr, and Mark McCoy.

Council #796 felt that at this time in our history where family morals seem to be fading away, there needed to be a reminder posted.

The school children walk by this monument each day they go to daily Mass and it can be seen by all passing by on foot or in a vehicle.

The bronze plaque below the Commandments says “May all that look upon these words, pause and remember the Lord our God and do our very best to follow his Commandments.”

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