4-H Poultry Projects

Jennifer Terrell, K-State Extension, District Extension Agent 4-H Youth Development Southwind District – Erie Office 620-244-3826

4-H Poultry Project

The poultry project is designed to help you learn about chickens and other poultry. You will acquire an understanding of scientific poultry management and marketing practices. You will gain business experience and insight into the values and principles of purchasing, marketing, record keeping and exhibiting poultry.

There is 4-H Curriculum that can be purchased for anyone interested in the Poultry project. Here is a breakdown of what youth can learn at different ages/stages:

Ages 7-9:

  • Learn poultry breeds and body parts

  • Learn how to care for and handle your birds

  • Practice showmanship techniques

Ages 10-13:

  • Learn how eggs are formed

  • Select and judge broilers

  • Make an egg candler

  • Learn about pecking orders

Ages 14 and Older:

  • Lead younger members in egg experiments

  • Learn how to process chickens for food

  • Learn about biotechnology and poultry careers

In addition to the curriculum, youth are also offered the opportunity to attend project meetings held by volunteers. Each year, youth are able to demonstrate the hard work that has been spent by participating locally at the county fair, area spring shows, and depending on age and placing, the Kansas State Fair.

The poultry project is a great opportunity for youth to learn important life skills. For more information about this project, contact Jennifer K. Terrell, 4-H Youth Development for K-State Research and Extension – Southwind District at [email protected] or 620-244-3826.

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