Students Move In Greyhound Lodge by Briana Blandamer

Students have moved in FSCC’s Greyhound Lodge, with the renovation of the former Red Ram Motel ongoing.

Greyhound Lodge, formerly known as Red Ram Motel, is in the final stages of renovation.

Fort Scott Community College began the renovations on the old motel at the beginning of the summer to create more off-campus housing for students.

As the final touches are being made, students were able to begin moving into the lodge on Tuesday afternoon, September 4.

The students moving into the Lodge are primarily rodeo team members, with the exception of a few track athletes and the John Deere program students.

Pictured is Tanner Phillips in his room. He is a Bareback Rider on the FSCC Rodeo Team.

Cory Brown, one of the FSCC Rodeo coaches, was hired to be a Residential Assistant at Greyhound Lodge.

Cory Brown shows the Greyhound Lodge Commons Area, which is yet to be furnished.

Brown said the college has plans to add TVs, couches, and a pool table in the common room to create an area for the students to meet. There will also be a computer room for students to do studying and homework.

The student laundry area.
The common kitchen area.
An empty room at the Greyhound Lodge. The beds are stackable if desired.
A bathroom is in each two-person room.
A microwave and small fridge are in each two-person room.

In addition to the computer and common rooms, there is a laundry space and kitchen area.

The lodge is comprised of bedrooms with attached bathrooms.


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