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FSCC Homecoming This Saturday by Briana Blandamer

King Candidates, left to right, are Jasper Dunn, Tyler Cunningham, Ty Covey, Albert Maliko, Alonzo Hokes, Greg Lorenz (not pictured) Front row, left to right are Queen Candidates Tatum Brunkow, Taylor Krokroskia, Logan Mattingley, Leslie Damian, Jaylynn Jenkins, Yesenia Benitez. Courtesy photo.

It is Homecoming in Greyhound Nation!

The process has begun in search for the 2018 Homecoming King and Queen. “The candidates were selected by their perspective clubs or sports. After being chosen, they went through an interview process that narrowed down the candidates to the final twelve”, said Vanessa Poyner, who is in charge of the coronation process.

Queen Candidate, Taylor Krokroskia said, “It’s an honor to be chosen for the final six. All the candidates are great representatives of FSCC and I wish them the best of luck!”

The final King candidates include Jasper Dunn, Tyler Cunningham, Ty Covey, Albert Maliko, Alonzo Hokes, and Greg Lorenz.

The final Queen candidates include Tatum Brunkow, Taylor Krokroskia, Logan Mattingley, Leslie Damian, Jaylynn Jenkins, and Yesenia Benitez.

The king and queen will be chosen by popular vote of the student body. The election will be held on Friday, November 9.

King Candidate, Tyler Cunningham said, “Being a freshman, I don’t know many people yet, so I appreciate every vote I can get!”

The 2018 Fall Sports Homecoming football game will be against Dodge City Community College on Saturday, November 10 beginning at 11:00 am. The Coronation Ceremony for King and Queen will take place at halftime of this game.

Smoke-Free FSCC Campus Is Coming by Brianna Blandamer

Fort Scott Community College’s Smoke-Free Campus Initiative

In October of 2017, a grant was written by a committee of current and graduated members of FSCC’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society including Shelby Hutchison, Jackie Neher, Ty Covey, and Dustin Erikson.

The society was notified in December 2017 that they would receive the grant. The grant was provided by Truth Initiative®.

Truth Initiative® is the nation’s largest nonprofit public health organization dedicated to making tobacco use a thing of the past.

After the grant was approved, a task force of ten members was created. The members of this task force represent all areas of Fort Scott including FSCC students, faculty and even the community.

Along with the task force, multiple committees were created to use the grant in an effective way. These committees helped bring the new EX Program along with a Smoke-Free Campus Policy to FSCC.

The Ex Program is an advanced quit-smoking program designed to help students and staff begin and end their journey to becoming a non-smoker. This program includes the popular quit-smoking planning tools and an online community from the proven-effective smoking cessation program. The FSCC smoke-free campus initiative will also host a 7-week, face-to-face, smoking cessation workshop.

A Smoke-Free Campus policy was also written by a committee of Phi Theta Kappa members to end smoking on campus.

This became a focus brought to their attention by FSCC President, Alysia Johnston. This policy removes all smoke stations around campus and makes everyone at FSCC responsible for respectfully encouraging others not to smoke on campus. This policy also helps to empower others to inform students and staff to take part in the cessation programs and workshops if they are interested in quitting.

Questions were raised as to why the policy addresses only smoking, as opposed to a tobacco-free campus. The reason for this is because the President, along with the members of Phi Theta Kappa, believe that, due to this being a new policy, starting small is better. Smoking is also something that can harm bystanders, where tobacco, such as snuff and chew, only harms the person in use.

Over the past three years, Truth Initiative® has partnered with 135 colleges, reaching more than 1.2 million students and 275,000 faculty and staff members across 35 states. You can learn more about their work at

For more information on the new Smoke-Free Initiative at FSCC, please feel free to contact Susie Arvidson by email at [email protected] or by phone at (620)223-2700 ext. 3441

Gilligan’s Island Comes To FSCC by Briana Blandamer

Fort Scott Community College Theatre and Music Departments are presenting Gilligan’s Island: The Musical on October 19 and 20 at 7:30 pm and then again on the 21 at 2:00 pm. All show times will be on stage in the Danny and Willa Ellis Family Fine Arts Center.

Tickets are $5 for the community. All students, staff and faculty have free admission to the show.

The show is directed by Allen Twitchell, Head of the Theatre Department and Seth Ernst, Head of the Music Department.

Twitchell chose Gilligan’s Island: The Musical because it had been at least four years or more since FSCC put on a musical. He had checked out a book from the library about the original making of the Gilligan Island series and had read that there was a musical version. He thought it was a great choice to get a musical brought back to FSCC because it has a very small cast number and it is something familiar to the community.

The cast has been working on the show for about six weeks now, with one week left till showtime.

Jared Oshel, former FSCC student from Richmond is playing Skipper. Oshel said, “My favorite part about acting, in general, is the fact that I get to get away from the stresses of life and work and get to come to the stage and become another person for a little while.”

Katelynn Coe, a student at FSCC, is the show’s stage manager. She is in charge of the set making, light and sound cues, and so much more. Katelynn says her favorite part of her job is that she gets to watch a show come to life from the very beginning and watch all the actors bring their individual characters to life in their own way.

The complete cast includes Aiden Ballinger, a freshman from Pleasanton, as Gilligan;  Oshel,  as the Skipper; FSCC instructor Harold Hicks as the millionaire, Thurston Howell; FSCC staff member Karri Johnson as Mrs. Howell; Fayelyn Kmiec, a freshman from Farlington, as movie star Ginger; Jasper Dunn, a sophomore from Whitehall, Wis., as the Professor; Katie Button, a freshman from Fort Scott, as Mary Ann; and Marcus Robinson, a freshman from Paola, as the Alien.

Come out and watch Gilligan’s Island come to life on the stage here at FSCC!

Free Kids Festival Oct. 13 at FSCC by Briana Blandamer

Saturday, October 13, the FSCC Community Relations committee will be holding a FREE Fall Kid’s Festival.

Kids of all ages are welcome to join in the fun!

The festival will be held at Fort Scott Community College in the South Bailey Hall Parking lot from 9 am to 11 am.

There will be a costume contest at 10 am, so wear your best Halloween costume! There will be a prize awarded.

The activities will include a hayride, bounce house, games, prizes, face painting and treats. Bring your own pumpkin for pumpkin painting.

This will be the first of two kid’s festivals this school year, with the second this Spring. FSCC wants to involve the community in campus activities and this is one way to do so that is a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Kassie Cate says, “The FSCC Community Relations committee is looked at as one of the bridges between the college and the community. We do our best to participate in all the community activities as well as provide activities on campus for the community. The community always does a great job at holding numerous activities and events throughout the year, so we feel that we need to also be a part of that, and do our share on free or low-cost events for the people in Fort Scott and surrounding areas.”

Please contact Kassie Cate with any questions by email: [email protected] or by phone: 620.223.2700 ext. 5248

STEM at FSCC by Briana Blandamer

Franklin Torres warming a hydrogen-filled balloon.

On the morning of September 26, the STEM Club at Fort Scott Community College held demonstrations to show other students what STEM Club is all about.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

There is an extra bonus for joining the club.

The STEM club offers a scholarship to pay for books and tuition up to 15 credit hours to all qualifying members.

The club demonstrations Wednesday included the shooting of a potato gun, the bursting of hydrogen-filled balloons, and even some hair-raising with electricity using a Van de Graaff Generator, provided by Elie Riachi, the FSCC Physics, and Physical Science Instructor.

Trenton Allison loading the potato gun.

Students joined in, during their passing periods, to watch the demonstration and enjoy a donut or two, donated by Fort Scott’s Price Chopper.

The current STEM Club members would like to be a part of more activities and competitions, but they do not currently have enough members to do so. The FSCC STEM Club is searching for eager students to join them.

FSCC Student Megan Thomas takes part in the hair raising experiment, using the Van Der Graaff Generator.

This club creates an opportunity for students to learn more about these subject areas, while also having fun doing some interesting experiments and even some engineering.

For example, Trenton Allison, a STEM Club Member, built his own drone.

FSCC studentTrenton Allison’s drone he built.

The STEM Club is sponsored by Robert Doyle, FSCC’s Chemistry Instructor.

Consider joining the STEM Club today and become a part of something that makes learning fun.

For more information, contact Mr. Doyle via email at [email protected].

Student Jon Barnes, enjoying the hair-raising experiment with Kassie Fugate-Cate,


New Citizens Sworn In At Memorial Hall

The Honorable Teresa J. James speaking to the new citizens.

The United States District Court for the District of Kansas held proceedings for the Naturalization Ceremony of new citizens on Friday morning, September 21, 2018, at Memorial Hall in Fort Scott.

Speakers for the ceremony included local dignitaries Carl Brenner, Chief of Interpretation at Fort Scott National Historic Site; Fort Scott City Manager Dave Martin; Magistrate Teresa James; and local attorney Robert Farmer.

The ceremony in years past has been held on the grounds of the Fort Scott National Historic Site, but rainy weather forced a change of venue.

The new citizens reciting the Oath of Citizenship led by Carol Kuhl, Courtroom Deputy.

The Honorable Teresa J. James presided over the ceremony with the Clerk of the Court, Timothy M. O’Brien.

Fort Scott High School Choral Teacher Meredith Reid leads the students in singing at the naturalization ceremony.
The Fort Scott High School Choir singing “Song for the Unsung Hero”.

Fort Scott High School Orchestra and Choir provided the musical entertainment including the “Star Spangled Banner”, the “Song for the Unsung Hero” and “America the Beautiful”.

The Presentation of Colors by the Pittsburg State University Army ROTC.

Following the ceremony, the new citizens had the opportunity to register to vote at a booth at Memorial Hall.

Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site provided a lunch at the Fort’s Grand Hall, feeding 166 people, including new citizens and their families.


Zumba at Fort Scott Community College

Feugate-Cate leads the first class of Zumba Tuesday evening at FSCC.

Kassie Fugate-Cate, Director of Strategic Communication, has officially brought the Zumba exercise program to Fort Scott Community College.

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Although this is where Zumba started, Fugate-Cate has added a more modern twist to the classes as well, using today’s popular music and dance steps.

Fugate-Cate fell in love with the Zumba program when she had the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant for the class that was offered when she went to Pittsburg State University, she said.

Fugate-Cate thought that getting certified to teach a Zumba class would be a great way to get back into Zumba and also show other students and community members what a great program it is.

The class is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-6: 30 pm.

Tuesday, September 11, was the first class.

Until further notice, the classes will be held in the auditorium at the college’s Ellis Fine Arts Center.

Student, Marcus Robinson and community member, Sara Lancaster, have a smile on their face during the Zumba class Tuesday.

Each class has a $3.00 fee and welcomes men and women of all ages.

Cate says, “No one is too old for this class!”

To sign up for a session or request more information, please contact Cate via text/call at (918) 801-5060 or by email at [email protected]

Students Move In Greyhound Lodge by Briana Blandamer

Students have moved in FSCC’s Greyhound Lodge, with the renovation of the former Red Ram Motel ongoing.

Greyhound Lodge, formerly known as Red Ram Motel, is in the final stages of renovation.

Fort Scott Community College began the renovations on the old motel at the beginning of the summer to create more off-campus housing for students.

As the final touches are being made, students were able to begin moving into the lodge on Tuesday afternoon, September 4.

The students moving into the Lodge are primarily rodeo team members, with the exception of a few track athletes and the John Deere program students.

Pictured is Tanner Phillips in his room. He is a Bareback Rider on the FSCC Rodeo Team.

Cory Brown, one of the FSCC Rodeo coaches, was hired to be a Residential Assistant at Greyhound Lodge.

Cory Brown shows the Greyhound Lodge Commons Area, which is yet to be furnished.

Brown said the college has plans to add TVs, couches, and a pool table in the common room to create an area for the students to meet. There will also be a computer room for students to do studying and homework.

The student laundry area.
The common kitchen area.
An empty room at the Greyhound Lodge. The beds are stackable if desired.
A bathroom is in each two-person room.
A microwave and small fridge are in each two-person room.

In addition to the computer and common rooms, there is a laundry space and kitchen area.

The lodge is comprised of bedrooms with attached bathrooms.


Greyhound Campus Cookout Aug. 29, 11:30 a.m. by Briana Blandamer

Classes are in full swing, athletics have officially begun and the activities here at Fort Scott Community College continue, giving students opportunities to leave their dorm room, meet new people and enjoy the year together!


On Saturday, FSCC football opened their season with a hard fight against the Highland Scotties. The Greyhounds lost 29-28.


The Greyhound football team will have a chance to turn their season around with their first home game of the season. Come out to see the battle against Coffeyville Community College at 7:00 pm on Saturday, September 1.


The FSCC Volleyball team will face the Cowley College Tigers here in Fort Scott at 6:30 pm on Wednesday. Come help support the lady Greyhounds!


This Wednesday, August 29, there will be a Greyhound Cookout outside of the Bailey Hall commons area from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. There will be free food, drinks and chance to win a $50.00 Walmart Shopping Spree! The winner of this giveaway will be announced at the volleyball game that evening. You must be present to win.


Enjoy another week, Greyhounds!


FSCC Expo Showcases Local Businesses By Briana Blandamer

FSCC students Ally McKenzie and Kristen Davis receive a handout from Pizza Hut employee, Krista Johnson.

On Wednesday, August 22,  Fort Scott Community College hosted a Business Expo showcasing local Fort Scott businesses, giving the students a look at what this town has to offer.

The businesses included this year were Pizza Hut, Fort Scott Church of the Nazarene, US Cellular, KKOW Radio, Mercy Hospital, Fort Scott Chamber of Commerce, The Shirt Shack, The Tannery, Safehouse, KOMB Radio, Family Video, Advanced America, Medicalodge, Paparazzi, Common Ground Coffee Shop, Hartman Chiropractic, the U.S. Army, Community Christian Church, Briggs Automall, and Trinity Lutheran Church.

The students were given a slip of paper to collect ten signatures from ten different booths to be entered into a drawing for a free laptop and a set of Bluetooth headphones, which were provided by the college.

The winner of the laptop was Samantha Stumfoll and the headphones were awarded to Audrey Whetzell.

During this expo, FortScott.Biz Intern Briana Blandamer interviewed 2008 Fort Scott High School graduate, Dr. Grant Hartman, owner of Hartman Spine & Joint.

Dr. Hartman has been running his clinic in Fort Scott for three years, offering general chiropractic services as well as tending to sports injuries and offering rehabilitation services. Some of the other services he offers include acupuncture and soft tissue therapy.

Dr. Hartman in front of his booth at FSCC Business Expo.

The Tannery also had a booth during the FSCC business expo, ran by Jenna Kakas. The Tannery has a student discount offering a Buy 2 Tans, Get the 3rd for $1.

Jenna said, “Come to see me at The Tannery, Monday through Friday 11 a.m. -6 p.m. to get your glow on!”

Jenna Kakas with The Tannery booth giving away Chapstick and entering students into a drawing for goodie baskets.
FSCC President Alysia Johnston is pictured with Shirt Shack owner, Billy Webster.
The TRIO program gave out the student-business signature papers, entered students into the drawing and also had signups to Escape the Fort! Trenton Allison helped run this booth.


Briana Blandamer is the FortScott.Biz intern whose focus is Fort Scott Community College. To give news ideas send to [email protected].