Starlite FCE Minutes August 19, 2021


The August meeting of Starlite FCE was held in the Yeager Building on The Bourbon County Fairgrounds August 19, 2021.  The meeting was called to order by President Glenda Miller.  The Flag Salute and Club Collect was led by Joyce Allen.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and corrected.  Thirteen members were in attendance and they reported that they had volunteered 334 hours and had recycled 521 pounds.


Doris Ericson presented the treasurer’s report.  She announced the Starlite had received first place in the Scarecrow contest and third place in the hay bale decorating contest and had earned $130.  There was no council report.


Jackie Warren gave a report on the fair, she reported that 57 people had entered the King Arthur Baking Contest this year and that the new categories of Lego’s was very successful.  There was a total of 913 exhibits from the 165 exhibitors.


Terri Williams informed the Club that John and Cindy Bartelsmeyer had donated five beautiful display cases to the open class building.


It was announced that Deb Lust’s daughter-in-law had made it to Kuwait.


Old Business consisted of everyone bringing snacks for the first responders in memory of 911 20th anniversary.  Glenda Miller will be delivering then in September.


Glenda announced that the FCE State Convention will be in Topeka this year and that the Fall Follies will be held in Bronson October 19th.


Our next project will be to honor Veterans.


Betty Johnson moved that the meeting be adjourned, Deb Lust seconded the motion, motion carried meeting adjourned.


After the meeting Letha Johnson presented the lesson on Diabetes you are in control.  She informed us on how to know if you are at risk and how to manage it.  Healthy eating, activity and monitoring is a big part of self-care.


Refreshments of tortilla rolls, deviled eggs, health snack bars and water were provided by Del Parks and Betty Johnson and enjoyed by all.



Prepared by

Terri Williams

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