Starlite FCE Minutes

Starlite FCE October 15, 2020


The October meeting of the Starlite FCE was held October 15th at the Yeager building at the fairgrounds.

President Glenda Miller called the meeting to order, and passed out depression kits to lighten to mood with the Covid situation.  Joyce Allen led the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the Club Collect.


Thirteen members were present.  They reported that they had volunteered 11 ½ hours and had recycled 55 pounds of paper.  Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Doris Ericson presented the treasure report.


Glenda announced that Betty Johnson, Jean Holy, Joyce Gobl and Clarice Russell all had birthdays this month.  She also announced that Ann Ludlum had not accepted the nomination to be secretary and announced that Terri Williams had agreed to serve as secretary.  Del Parks moved that Terri become the secretary for 2021, Betty seconded the motion, motion carried.  The officers for 2021 are Glenda Miller; president, Joyce Allen; vice president, Doris Ericson; treasurer and Terri Williams; Secretary.


Betty Johnson installed the 2021 officers.


Under Old business, Glenda reminded the club that we are collecting ink cartridges for the state scholarship.  It was also announced that the Fall training and recognition will be held in Parsons on November 5th.


New business consisted of ways to honor veterans.  Glenda passed our yellow ribbons to be displayed to show our support.  She also suggested we display your flags and send cards to encourage veterans.

Voting is also a way to support them.

Deb Lust announced that Veterans Day will be on Wednesday this year and to get with her about the Buddy poppy distribution.

Claudia Wheeler moved that the club purchase a wreath for Wreaths across America and donate $25 to the Wounded Warrior fund, Joyce Allen seconded it, motion carried.

Glenda also reminded us to start collecting socks, gloves and Christmas cups for the Tri-Valley clients Christmas party.


October is Nation FCE month.  FCE stands for Family and Community Education.  Our mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities through continuing education, developing leadership and community action.  Now is the time to join for the upcoming year, we would love to have you join us.  We meet on the third Thursday of the month at 2:00.


Terri Williams presented the lesson of “Where is the Land Down Under” and provided samples of dishes from Australia.


Deb Lust moved the meeting be adjourned, Doris Ericson seconded the motion, motion carried.


After the meeting members enjoyed chocolate éclair cake which was provided by Betty Johnson and Glenda Miller as part of the installation ceremony.  Claudia Wheeler and Karen Peery provided nuts, candy, cider and water as well.


Prepared by Terri Williams

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