Some Changes for Good Ol’ Days 2019

Good Ol’ Days, the annual Fort Scott town-wide event, begins on Thursday, May 30 and runs through Saturday, June 1, this year.

There have been a few changes in venue for some of the events.

Rhonda Dunn, a member of the Good Ol’ Days Steering Committee, answered the following questions posed to her from

Why change of venue for the dances, from outside to inside?

“The committee wanted to move away from the street dance format because they haven’t been well attended in recent years.  We did a survey after last year’s festival and people wanted it to stay downtown so we were looking for a solution.  The cost of a concert quality stage was very expensive so we opted to utilize Memorial Hall so we can  have great concerts without the worry of rain.”

Why the change of venue for the carnival?

“The carnival is a very popular part of the Good Old Days but has been limited by the space we can provide.  By moving them to the parking lot at 3rd and Main, we can give them more space which we hope results in more rides and bigger rides.”


Anything else new?

“We are collaborating with Velocity’s Customer Appreciation event and the trolley will shuttle people between the two events making it one great festival.  They are planning a BIG car show and motorcycle show and are even giving away a Harley Davidson motorcycle!

The Friday and Saturday night concerts are a big change for the festival and we hope it becomes a fixture of the festival for years to come.  Friday night’s concert is the 90’s country band, Restless Heart.  Saturday night will be a Beach Party in Memorial Hall with the #1 Beach Boys Tribute Band in the US, Still Surfin.”

The annual baby contest is always well attended.

Who is on the committee?

“The (Good Ol’ Days) Steering Committee is Shawn Obrien, Charlotte Thompson, Janet Braun, Leah Bowman, Carl Brenner, Melissa Wise, Allyson Turvey.  Many other people work with the committee to make all these events happen.  We are looking for volunteers to help not only with this year’s festival but work throughout the year to plan for the next year too.  Volunteers can contact me by text or call at 620-224-1186.

How many vendors are expected? 

“The target of booths is 150.”


8 thoughts on “Some Changes for Good Ol’ Days 2019”

  1. It’s crazy to think you expect more rides and bigger rides in the parking lot at Cheneys. There is not enough room for much there. What’s wrong with the fairgrounds ? So it’s not uptown big deal if people want to go enjoy the carnival they will drive out there or better yet why not put it down in belltown across from Twister in the ” new ” park, there’s plenty of room down there.

  2. Wanting to get signed up for a booth to have just really need to know where to go to get into this event.

  3. I would like to see the wax hands that was amazing and looked forward to it when I was a kid too. Wax flowers also he did it all

  4. This was sadly disappointing! Attendance was way down. The committee is dreaming if they don’t think that the outside street dance was a draw. People like being able to listen to the music, walk around and mingle, enjoy the beer garden and some food trucks while their kids run off to the carnival. $25 bucks for hard, uncomfortable seats because the “Committee” wanted it inside. I haven’t talked to anyone in the community who liked that idea! Nothing for families to do! No decent food! We won’t be back next year!

  5. I have to agree with ‘Nope’ on this one! We were bored and thirsty! I understand that funding is probably down, but why isn’t there more involvement from the business and resources in the area. I feel like they could and may be willing to contribute more than just money if they were asked.

    The Red Garter was a staple, so good or bad, we are happy with it. The little western shootout was kinda neat. The car show was ok.

    Very little utilization of the Fort, but that seems to be an ongoing theme.

    Not worth the time!

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