Sixty-four Years as Partners in Life, Business and Ministry

Helen and Chub Bolling. Submitted photo.

Sixty-four years as husband and wife. And 64 years as business and ministry partners, that’s Helen and Raymond (Chub) Bolling’s story.

Last week they celebrated their anniversary.

Chub and Helen met in high school at Bronson, KS and were attracted to each other at age 15 and 17.

Chub said he felt the Lord pointed her out to him.

They married December 14, 1958,and “she’s been taking care of me since,” Chub said.

Chub and Helen Bolling on their wedding day, December 14, 1958. Submitted photo.

They purchased the Bronson Locker in 1966.

“My husband’s father had a slaughter house,” Helen said. “We bought the town’s (meat)locker from Oscar Burris.”

In their business journey they sold the locker and were completely out of the business for 10 years, Helen said, then bought it back.

Helen and Chub Bolling stand in front of some meat in their business, the Bronson Locker. Submitted photo.

For 40 years of marriage they worked at both the locker and as pastors at Fulton United Methodist Church and Elsmore United Methodist, then 26 years at Paint Creek Church of the Brethren, south of Uniontown. Today their grandson, Seth Bolling, pastors that church.

Together they raised three children, Amber Ericson,  Micheal and Mitchel Bolling; and now have six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

What advice does this seasoned couple give couples starting out in marriage?

“I know one thing, you have a lot of ups and downs and you just have to work through them,” Helen said. “Remember your wedding vows and stay with them.”

Couples must be mindful of the words they say to each other, Chub said.

“When tough times come, you’ve got to see them through.” he said. “Plan on that. That’s our marriage.”

They have a little farm with livestock that Chub takes care of everyday, but he and Helen help out at the locker to “keep things moving” in the busy times, he said.

The Bronson Locker. Submitted photo.

The Bronson Locker has several family members working together.

From left: Tom Bradbury, who worked at the locker for over 30 years but is not family, then Chub Bolling, Tyler Ericson (Ethan’s wife), Helen Bolling, then Amber Ericson with Ethan’s two children, Julian and Jamison, Mike Bolling, Ethan Ericson, Garrett and Mandie Ericson.

Their grandson, Garrett Ericson and wife, Mandie, are going to purchase the locker when Helen and Chub decide to fully retire, possibly in a year, Helen said. Garrett and Mandie manage the business now.

The business has expanded from 4 to 14 employees through the years, and many of them are family members.

Beside Garrett and Mandie, Amber and her other son, Ethan, and his wife, Tyler, work there. Micheal Bolling is the butcher. Then there is nephew Jim Kuns and  Randall, Robert and Jessie Kuns and Mandie’s mom, Mary Ridge who all work there.

Son, Mitch and family have businesses in Allen county.

Mitch and Sharon Bolling  own the Bollings Meat Market with co-owner Cara Thomas.
Mitch owns the Moran Locker.
Mitch, Seth and Austin Bolling manage the Moran Locker.


In addition, Amber and some of the women of the family opened a furniture/antique store just down the street in downtown Bronson, called THRAMS.

THRAMS Antiques, 504 Clay Street, Bronson. March 2022.

THRAMS Antiques, A Picker Family

“Bourbon County has been very good to us,” Chub said.



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