Shead Farm Host Elementary Day at the Farm

Garland, KS — On October 15th, one hundred thirty Fort Scott Elementary kindergarten students traveled to the Shead Stead Farm in rural Garland to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and experience many farm related activities.-

All photos credit: Mark Shead
The eight classes were accompanied by their teachers and a number of parents. Four of the classes participated in the morning activities and the other four in the afternoon, crossing over with both classes being at the farm for lunch around the picnic tables.
The various activity stations were attended as each teacher rotated her students around the farm.  This gave the children opportunity to explore different aspects of farm life and fun that can be created with a little imagination.
The Indian camp with a teepee was hosted by Benjamin Shead who was dressed in full Indian attire.  Children sat on mats and wore headbands and feathers as they learned several Indian songs and rhyme.
Teachers then moved on to the animal area where each child was able to pet and feed the donkey, the pot-belly pig, the goats and pet the horse.  Chickens, guineas, ducks, cats, dogs and friendly turkeys could be observed wandering around.
A favorite to all of the students was the barn swing and hay ride.  Teachers and parents helped the students take turns swinging. Raymond Kalm, a nearby farmer, drove the hay wagon to the delight of the students.
The chicken yard story time was hosted by Katy Shead who read the story of Henny Penny and showed the students live baby chickens and guineas.  Each student was able to gather eggs from the metal nest boxes.
The apple harvest station was run by a parent and Haley Shead.  Students learned about the comparison of a bushel basket, a half bushel and a peck.  They also learned how to pick apples from the tops of the trees with an apple picker. They were able to watch how one can peel apples quickly with an electric drill, core and slice them and then sample the tasty crisp apples.
Another activity station included finding feathers in hay and then matching them with the picture of farm poultry.
Butter making was another area of interest as the students learned about how to make butter the old fashioned way and the new quicker way of doing it in the blender.  Treats of crackers with butter were shared with the students.  Teacher, Mrs. Melissa Tatro and Haley Shead helped with this activity.
During the afternoon, Fort Scott Community Rodeo Cowboys came to help the students learn to rope. Also on display were various collections of insects and bird habitats. Class pictures were taken on the old tractor.

Story submitted by farm owners, Larry and Vickie Shead.

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