Final 2014 Summer Soccer Games

Fort Scott, KS – Last Saturday was the last day of the Buck Run’s kid’s soccer league for kids ages K – 8 years old. This year there were 27 teams in the league which each team played six games over the six week game play.


Three years ago, the administrators decided to use a ‘micro-team’ design for the kid’s soccer league. Each playing field size is different depending on the age of the kids. This also makes for smaller team sizes (about 5-6 per team) in order to allow for more playing time for each player. Program Supervisor, Dave Fly, said they have seen growth every year since the micro-team design has been used.


Next kid’s program is basketball, starting this Saturday. You can still sign up, but there will be a late fee since teams have already been established. If you haven’t gotten enough soccer, there is an indoor soccer league for kids with sign-ups in January.

For more information:
Buck Run Community Center

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