Online tool supports local public agencies in addressing pedestrian and cyclist safety

The Kansas Department of Transportation released a new online tool to help local public agencies learn about corridors where pedestrians and cyclists may be present and possible safety risks they could face.

The Kansas Vulnerable Road User Safety Assessment Tool includes a StoryMap, which explains how the data can be interpreted, and an interactive mapping and data visualization tool. Data gathered from the tool can assist agencies to understand safety concerns for these local travelers. The tool helps support safety-conscious decision making, including investments in infrastructure, education, enforcement or emergency services.

“Pedestrians and cyclists are some of our most vulnerable road users,” said Transportation Safety Bureau Chief Vanessa Spartan. “Understanding where they’re traveling and risk factors on those routes are important steps to addressing potential safety needs. We often find that investments in the safety of pedestrians and cyclists also benefits other road users.”

The assessment plan, which was published in November 2023, is part of the Kansas Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The safety plan aims to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes on all state and local roads in Kansas.

The tool and safety assessment are on the Bureau of Transportation Safety’s website at


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