New Service Station Opens on South Hwy. 69

K.C. Mart owner Harjit Kaur waits on a customer on Sept. 8.

A new gas service station/convenience store, K.C. Mart, has opened at 946 S. Hwy. 69, near the LaRoche Baseball Stadium, south of Fort Scott.

The station was opened August 23 by the owner Harjit Kaur.

In addition to gasoline, the station offers dine-in seating space for customers to enjoy food, beer, and soft drinks.

Offered also are off-road diesel fuel, regular diesel fuel and racing fuel (leaded 110), and Octane 93 premium fuel, Kaur said.

“Semi-truck parking is allowed in the back of the station,” Kaur said. “No prior arrangements are necessary.”

Semi-truck parking is allowed in the back of the K.C. Mart Station at 946 S. Hwy. 69.

Harjit and husband Binder Singh also opened a K.C. Mart at 2191 Soldier Road,  hear Hammond, north of Fort Scott in October 2020. KC Mart: Gas Station Service to Northern Bourbon County

“We wanted to establish more business,” Kaur said. “People would come from this area to our store near Hammond for Opie’s Pizza that we serve. We thought we would come here to provide it.”

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information or to order a pizza, call 620-644-9867.

K.C. Mart, 946 S. Highway 69, across from the LaRoche Baseball Stadium.


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  1. My new favorite gas station. Finally a station that sells93 octane. , Previously I had to go to either Joplin it Lewisburg just to fill up my cars.

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