KC Mart: Gas Station Service to Northern Bourbon County

K.C. Mart, a gas station/convenience store at 2191 Soldier Road, just off Hwy. 69, opened Oct. 23, 2020.

A gas station has reappeared on Soldier Road at HWY. 69, which had been closed for some time.

It is a welcome sign for those who travel to Kansas City because there are very few gas stations right off the highway in this section of Hwy. 69. It is also welcome to the rural residents who live nearby.

Hours of K.C. Mart.


The  K.C. Mart convenience store sells gasoline, meals, cigarettes, beverages, and beer,  along with “truck stop, automotive items,” said Harjit Kaur, owner.

The menu on the wall. Offered also is fresh fruit.

She and husband, Biender Singh, live in Olathe and commute daily to the store at 2191 Soldier Road.

The store opened on Oct. 23, 2020, and has five employees, she said.

Customer Brian Wade, who sent the story idea to fortscott.biz said, “I’m excited. Sure will save some miles when you need just lawn mower gas or diesel.”  He has even purchased a pizza from the store, that he said was “great!”
Kaur has lived in America for almost 20 years, she said, after coming from India.
Previously, she worked for a transportation company in Kansas City and this is the couple’s first venture into a convenience store business, she said.
“We were trying to pick a business (to purchase), she said. “It was selling for a good price. And it’s a good community around here.”



4 thoughts on “KC Mart: Gas Station Service to Northern Bourbon County”

  1. I wish some gas station around here would sell 93 octane. As it is now I have to get gas in Joplin or Lewisburg
    If they had 93 they’d get my business

  2. great news for us that travel to KC for doc appointments.
    we can stop and relax a bit and get a bite to eat-Opies pizza!
    Good luck and thanks for coming to our area.

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