The building is currenlty being remodeled by the Bowman family.

New Restaurant Opens in July

The Bowman family is opening another restaurant, west of their Brickstreet BBQ and calling it Outpost 13 West.

The facade of the new Southwestern-grill restaurant Outpost 13  West.

They opened Brickstreet BBQ in May 2023 and the restaurant has become popular with residents.

To view the story of that opening: Brickstreet BBQ Opens

The Bowman family now owns three restaurants in the historic downtown Fort Scott area.

“We love food!” Carissa Bowman said.  “AND it’s another opportunity to continue to grow our community through restoring a historic downtown building and generating more jobs.”

Carissa, Alex, Cindy, and John Bowman are the owners of Outpost 13 West. Carissa and Alex own Brickstreet BBQ.

Carissa and Alex Bowman, submitted photo.

“John and Cindy own Nu Grille (across the street from Brickstreet),” Carissa said. “They are Alex’s parents; my in-laws. Alex manages Nu Grille currently.”

Cindy and John Bowman. Submitted photo.

The new restaurant will feature Southwestern cuisine.

“You can build your own taco, burrito, bowl, salad or nacho,” Carissa said.

They plan to open the new venture at the end of July, she said.

The building is currenlty being remodeled by the Bowman family.
City permits are posted on the windows of Outpost 13 West.

The new restaurant is at 13 W. Oak St.

Special Recognition of the Brickstreet Restaurant

Brickstreet BBQ is located at the corner of Oak Street and National Avenue on Fort Scott’s northside.  The new Outpost 13 West is to the left, behind Brickstreet in this photo. The River Room Event Center is located on the second floor.

Brickstreet has been chosen to be featured on America’s Best Restaurants Roadshow:

” We’re being featured in one of their episodes,” Carissa said. “Filming will take place on July 1st.”
“We hope this builds relationships with the public and surrounding areas to bring people not only to our business but Fort Scott as a whole,” she said. “We want to continue to create a positive image of Brickstreet so we can build our brand and keep growing!”

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