Mental Health Center to Move Into the Former Mercy Building

401 Woodland Hills Blvd. May 2023.

Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center in Fort Scott has recently signed an agreement with Legacy  Health LLC for the center to move into the former Mercy Hospital Building at 401 Woodland Hills.

The building was recently vacated by Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas who moved to another Fort Scott building.

The former Mercy Clinic Suites C and D, at 401 Woodland Hills, will be renovated by the Southeast Kansas Mental Health Clinic and move in will be thereafter.

“We don’t have an official date for the move as we need to secure a contractor for some renovations but are hoping this summer,” said Holly Jerome, SEKMHC’s director of marketing and human resources said. “Once a move date has been set, we will be notifying clients and the community.”

“We are certainly not new to Fort Scott,” said Jerome. “We were established in 1961! But due to our growth after becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Healthcare Clinic ( in 2022) we are outgrowing our current building which is located at 212 State Street.”

Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center, Fort Scott.

“We will continue offering our current and expanded services,” Jerome said. “This new space will allow us to continue adding to our team!”

“SEKMHC is one of the first five community mental health centers to earn certification,” CEO Nathan Fawson said in a press release “The CCBHC model of care concentrates on the overall health of a client, not just their mental health. We have expanded our care to integrate holistic care approaches, connect people with care coordination, and increase accessibility to services throughout our sixcounty catchment area. Looking into the future, we are striving to provide each client with a much more individualized experience by assisting clients in recoveryoriented ways in their homes, in our communities, or via telehealth whenever possible. We know that recovery is possible when you treat the person, not just their mental health challenge.”

According to its website the services  they provide to the community are:

  • Substance use and addictions counseling
  • Clinical therapy and counseling
  • Community support and groups
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychiatric and medication management
    They have locations in:
  • Allen County
  • Anderson County
  • Bourbon County
  • Linn County
  • Neosho County
  • Woodson County

Last year they served over 4,000 clients, according to its website. The staff provide school based therapy and case management in 12 school districts. They have 15 team members in the crisis department and 10 in the psychiatry department.

Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center is in transition to become a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC), according to its website. A CCBHC provides comprehensive behavioral health services, while also focusing on physical health and whole person wellness.

What the transition means is, the following is added:

  • Patient navigation services
  • Comprehensive behavioral health screening at intake
  • Primary health screening including gathering health metrics (height, weight, and blood pressure)
  • Primary health resources and referral

What won’t change is:

  • Access to counseling and therapy
  • Access to crisis services
  • Access to medical services and psychiatry
  • Community-based services for adults and children
  • Services and programs previously provided, unless otherwise noted

Upcoming Community Self-Care Event:

A Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center Self-Care Fair will be held on May 23, from 5-8 p.m. at the Fort Scott Middle School, 1105 E. 12th.

For more information:

For questions about the self-care fair, contact: Dawne Burchett at 620-496-8702 or Vicki Wright at 620-212-9391.

About Legacy Health

Legacy Health has a mission to bring development and healthcare to rural communities through sustainable and proactive approaches, according to the Legacy Health press release. Legacy believes that for a project to be successful, it is necessary to understand the needs of the community and the people.

Legacy Health LLC was registered on  June 7,  2022 as a Limited Liability Company – CA company type incorporated at 269 WEST BONITA CLAREMONT, CA 91711. according to /

Troy Schell is the Legacy Health Chairman of the Board, according to the press release.

Chief Clinical Officer is Jennifer Massey and  she is the contact person at [email protected]

Chief Strategy Officer is  Merrill Eisenhower.


Locally, Matthew Wells is Legacy Healthcare Foundation Director of Plant Operations at the 401 Woodland Hills site. His duties are technical and equipment maintenance. Wells recently helped the building receive joint hospital accreditation, which is necessary because of the patient care given in the Ascension Via Christi Emergency Department that is also housed in the facility, he said.

The Legacy Health Foundation received the building from the Bourbon County Commission in November 2022. In addition to the building, the commission gave Legacy Health Foundation  $2 million dollars from funds received from Mercy Hospital and American Rescue Plan Act Funds to develop the property, according to a prior story.

To view the prior story:


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