Locara: Local Products/Services Listed on Internet Platform Courtesy of HBCAT

Submitted graphic of Locara’s home page.
 Locara Inc. is a new business partner with Healthy Bourbon County Action Team, HBCAT.
“Locara is a platform that supports small businesses by expanding their local customer base beyond word of mouth channels,” according to Tylor Hunn cofounder. “We offer a cost-effective and user-friendly e-commerce solution for these business owners to connect with local buyers.”
HBCAT has paid for up to 80 local businesses to have their products and services listed on the Locara platform for a year, which is a value of $60 per business, Hunn said.
Tylor Hunn. Submitted photo.
They launched their website on April 5,  https://www.locara.us  in partnership with HBCAT and their Dare to Dream event.
“Through our partnership with HBCAT, we are piloting our startup in the Fort Scott area, helping local businesses display their products and services and expand their reach,” Hunn said. “We believe that this partnership is a great opportunity to support the growth and success of small businesses in the community.”
Hunn is chief executive officer of the business and Ali Zia is his technical partner.
They are registered in a small town in upstate New York, Chittenango.

They have been in business for two months and have five employees.

“Locara provides a location-based platform for small businesses to list and showcase their products and services online,” he said. “This means that these businesses can create a digital storefront where they can display pictures, descriptions, and pricing of their products or services, just like in a physical store.”

“We realized that small, local businesses face a range of difficulties including limited resources, limited visibility, and challenges competing with larger corporations,” Hunn said. “We have also noticed a large movement towards people wanting to support local, but very few actually do because there is no easy way to discover all the businesses around them, but more specifically, discover what they are selling.”

Locara’s internet platform  centralizes all the small businesses in a community into a single storefront where local buyers can more easily find and purchase what they need, Hunn said.

Locara search results graphic, submitted.

“For example, imagine a local mother who makes and sells crafts from home but, from her experience sewing her kid’s clothes back together, she also wants to offer clothing repair services,” he said. “This woman can list each of the crafts and services she wants to sell. The community is then able to visit our website and browse through this mother’s products and services like they would be browsing on Amazon or Walmart’s website with the exception that everything listed on the website is from a local business. Our goal is to create an easier experience not only for small, local businesses to showcase what they sell, but also for buyers to find and make purchases from local businesses.”


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