Local Woman In Story Of San Antonio’s Stolen Shark

Jamie Shank is surrounded by media after arriving back to the San Antonio Aquarium Saturday from getting the shark, “Helen” from the thief’s home. The next step was to acclimate the shark into a quarantine pool. Submitted photo.

2008 Uniontown High School graduate Jamie Shank was in the national news this week.

As the assistant husbandry director at the San Antonio Aquarium Shank was responsible for getting a shark back after it was put into a  baby stroller and stolen from the aquarium last Saturday.

“I wasn’t on duty when the shark was stolen but was involved in getting the shark back,” Shank told FortScott.Biz. “I went with the police to bring the shark back.”

“She is still in quarantine for observation to make sure she is eating right,” Shank said. “She was stored with other fish in  (the suspect’s) garage.”

The shark, Helen.

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Shank, whose parents, Mark and Lisa, still live near Redfield, said she wanted to be a marine biologist since she was nine years old and continued her education to do so.

After many opportunities, she ended up at San Antonio Aquarium two and a half years ago.

“I love my job,” Shank said. “I love what I am doing.”





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