Library Con Winners

Submitted by Valetta Cannon, Fort Scott Public Library Youth Librarian & Assistant Director
LibraryCon event was held on July 20, from 10 am – 2 pm at Fort Scott Public Library.
A number of contests, trivias, workshops, etc. were held but these two contests were among the highlights of the day:
The first, which began at 10:30 am, was Children’s Literature Trivia, led by Susan Messer. Six people participated. The winner, Jayce Warner, received a prize, trophy, and promise of having his photo and name sent to local news outlets.
The second, which began at 11:30 am, was Sports Trivia, led by Professor Allen Twitchell. One person participated. The winner, Brenda Buehler, received the same prizes as the Children’s Lit Trivia contest.
At 12:45 pm, we held our first costume contest. First, six kids in the ages 0-11 years category showed off their costumes.
Our judges: Angela Bin, Allen Twitchell, and Brenda Buehler, chose Madalynn Miner as the Best Costume winner in that category.
Next, three teens in the ages 12-17 years category paraded their costumes before the judges, and Jo Goodbody was declared the winner.
Finally, one adult (also a volunteer earlier in the event), Taylor Qualls, entered and won in the ages 18+ years category.
The judges also awarded a prize to Kaylee Cannon, age 9, for Most Unique Costume, Brooklyn Miner, age 10, for Funniest Costume, and Kimberly McBoon, age 7, for Most Beautiful Costume.
Each winner received a prize, trophy, and promise of having their photo and name sent to local news outlets. They are also featured in a post on the library Facebook page. 
Submitted photos.
Trivia Winners
Children’s Literature Trivia: Jayce Warner
Sports Trivia: Brenda Buehler
Costume Contest Winners
Best Costume, Ages 0-11: Madalynn Miner as “Little Red Riding Hood”
Best Costume, Ages 12-17: Jo Goodbody as “The King”
Best Costume, Ages 18+: Taylor Qualls as “Belle”
Most Unique Costume: Kaylee Cannon as “Joy” from Inside Out
Funniest Costume: Brooklyn Miner as “The Big Bad Wolf Dressed as Granny”
Most Beautiful Costume: Kimberly McBoon as “Belle”.

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