Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen

Submitted by Pete Allen

Engineers have determined that the safe total weight of a trash truck, container truck, dump truck, or like vehicle, crossing over the bridge on North National is 38,000 pounds and weight limit signs have been posted. Likewise, the bridge over the Marmaton on Franklin Street (old Condensory Road) has been posted for a maximum load of 20,000 pounds.  Trucks coming into or leaving Fort Scott from South Margrave (Richards Road) are limited to 14,000 pounds. The 2nd Street bridge over the Marmaton is rated at 18,000 pounds. The county road at the south end of Horton Street has a weight restriction of 20,000 pounds. All access into and out of Fort Scott, except for highways 54 and 69 have weight restrictions posted.

All photos are submitted.


We are all aware that our city streets were built in the 1920’s and have been destroyed by the weight of current modern trucks with heavy loads… loads up to 80,000 pounds. Here is the type of garbage truck we had when our streets were built:

I recently talked to a friend who lives in an area just outside the city limits. They have asphalt streets, and they noticed the large trash trucks servicing the area were destroying their streets. They got together and discussed the situation. They found that numerous companies were servicing the households, and that meant various trucks on any given day were traversing the streets. They decided amongst themselves, voluntarily, to all use the same company and to only use a company with lighter trucks to help save their streets. That meant that all the trash is picked up on the same day each week with a smaller truck. They have been very happy with the arrangement.

I would like to suggest to the residents of Fort Scott, to voluntarily try the same type of arrangement for trash services as this group. In our city, we have 7 wards, or neighborhoods. We also have 7 licensed trash haulers in the city, some with large trucks, some with small trucks and some with various sizes. We also have the downtown area with the brick streets that would benefit from using smaller collection trucks.

Perhaps we could have a representative from each neighborhood have a get-together with the neighborhood and discuss the merits of this proposal. There would be no need for any city action, as this would be individual choices voluntarily made, but would help the city and citizens enjoy better streets longer.


Here is a list of the licensed trash haulers in Fort Scott.

Hall’s Trash Service

4 State Sanitation, LLC

Red’s Trash Service

GFL (Green for Life) Environmental

Linn’s Sanitation

D & C Sanitation

Short’s Trash Service


2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen”

  1. In many larger cities the trash service is provided by a city-approved company. In that case it’s easier to have a unified approach to street use and weight considerations. Having the same system in Fort Scott would help protect the streets. And it might be more efficient. And efficiency might lead to lower costs. Thank you, Pete, for starting the ball rolling on this process.

  2. I was born and raised in Fort Scott and still visit there about once a year. I really, really like Fort Scott and the people who live or lived there.

    I just read Rick’s comments and one company is also used where we live in Henderson, NV. In fact the company serves all of Clark County as far as I know. Huge company!!
    I looked through the list of the 7 current trash haulers in Fort Scott. I am guessing most of them depend on this business in Fort Scott to help support their livelihood or they wouldn’t be doing this. With that in mind, I’d be careful upsetting the Apple cart…support for people’s lives are much more important than any street or bridge!! That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!!!

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