Letter to the Editor: Pete Allen

Submitted by Pete Allen
A new era has begun in Fort Scott!
A special street maintenance plan (SSMP) is meant to improve the PCI of certain streets by 100 blocks per year. The goal is to preserve and upgrade the PCI of our streets to a “5” at the rate of 100 blocks per year. Due to a late start, this year’s goal has been reduced to 48 blocks.
This plan was adopted by the governing body at the regular commission meeting on April 5, this year. Recommendations by the comprehensive plan adopted in 2018, were to “develop a plan to substantially improve the local roads emphasizing getting the most done with the funding available”. This plan was determined to be the most beneficial.
The previous 5-year plan was for improving an average of 20 blocks per year. The current schedule is to work on arterials first, then collectors. and then residential.
All streets in Fort Scott would receive the SSMP in 10 years when the process would be repeated. The cost estimate for the work is $500,000 per year or $5,000 per block.
Based upon my previous experience with the commission, this is how I see the plan working, but keep in mind, this is only my opinion, based upon the April action of the governing body, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the present administrators. 

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