New Fed Infrastructure Law Will Aid KS Bridge Improvements

KDOT local bridge programs

reshaped to take advantage of federal funds

TOPEKA – Kansas cities and counties needing to replace or repair locally owned bridges have a supportive partner in the Kansas Department of Transportation. The agency is improving programs and collaborating with partners to take advantage of new revenue streams generated by the federally approved Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

KDOT has reshaped two local bridge improvement programs which focus on city and county bridges to include approximately $137.5 million in BIL funds over the next five years. The increase will more than double and triple local bridge improvement funds currently available in these programs under the existing Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE).

  • KDOT’s Off-System Bridge Program (OSB) will be expanded from $8 million in annual funding to $20.5 million. (Starting Federal Fiscal Year 2024)
  • The Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program (KLBIP) will increase from $5 million annually to $20 million. (Starting State Fiscal Year 2023)

The application process for both programs is now underway. Awarded funds will be directed to rebuild and rehabilitate bridges located on roads both on and off the federal-aid system.

“We’re being both smart and pro-active by improving programs, streamlining processes and helping our partners make the most of these new Federal funds,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz. “KDOT’s Bureau of Local Projects is administering these funds through existing IKE programs in order to minimize paperwork and to expedite the launch of projects.”

KDOT will cap individual projects at $2 million for the combined state and federal funds under OSB. The local match requirements for the KLBIP program are based on a sliding scale that takes population density of the county. Both programs award funds through a competitive application process.

Both the OSB and KLBIP have similar-yet-different bridge eligibility requirements targeted for city and county bridges not on the state highway system and in need of replacement or repair.

Applications for both programs must be received by Friday, Sept. 2. Additional information is available by contacting either:


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