Letter to the Editor by Loreta Jent

Dear Editor:


“Wine promises one thing – delivers another”, a quote from a recovering alcoholic.  “No matter what problem you’re trying to mask or fix…..alcohol will always ensure you end up with MORE of what you don’t want.”


Ethanol, the alcohol that is in all alcoholic beverages and which is burned in engines, is a toxic poison to the body.  The wine industry did a smart move, financially on their part, when it “married” the health industry several years ago.


April’s Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time to be reminded that by volume there is more ethyl  alcohol in wine than in beer.  To explain, each average serving of the following contain the same amount of alcohol,  ½ ounce:  1-2 oz Cocktail; 3-5 oz. Wine; 12 oz. Beer; 12 oz. Wine Cooler.  NO  ALCOHOLIC  DRINK  IS  SAFE!


According to researchers, such as Samuele Bacchiocchi and David R. Brumbelow, the word “wine” in the Bible is a generic word that has several meanings such as fresh grape juice, molasses, raisins, and fermented alcoholic wine.  The meaning of the word must be determined by the context of the scripture.


There is one verse that speaks clearly and is easy to understand from Proverbs 20:1:  “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is deceived by them is not wise.”




Mrs. Loreta Jent, Education Director

National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union



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